It’s no secret that Brooks knows running. Offering the highest level shoes – and road clothes, too – it’s kind of a brand thing. But from time to time you should take a new route.

This is exactly what the Run Happy brand has done with its release Run Within Collection. With equipment that runs on the run, in the gym and wherever you take your workouts, this brand new model is Brooks ’first step towards cross-functional clothing.

But, as with any new adventure, it should be approached with little hesitation. Will this bold new step remain on a par with Brooks’ other successes – or will it be a warning to stay on the famous bandwagon?

Ben Eminger

To find out, we tested the full men’s Run Within clothing line, which included a short top with short sleeves without lining, a sleeveless top and a pullover with a round neckline. We wore these subjects in a wide range of fitness disciplines as well as around the house during a routine routine. We got up, stretched, sweated, relaxed and – of course – ran through this collection to take a full look at how inclusive this multifaceted model is.

Here’s what we learned.

The new Brooks collection has simple tops for any workout

Running with short sleeves


$ 38.00

  • Moisture-wiping fabrics for dry and comfortable workouts
  • Antimicrobial finish to avoid odors
  • Only one color
  • The classic cut may be too loose for some

The two tops presented in the Run Within collection are almost identical in composition. Both have a DriLayer fabric from Brooks that provides a quick-drying and moisture-wicking component to each silhouette. This was greatly appreciated during strenuous workouts in the sun, keeping us calm and focusing on our tasks. The light classic cut of tops with short sleeves and sleeveless is also comfortable and spacious, but for those who want a tighter fit to the skin, it may be too much.

Also, the sleeveless seams sat awkwardly in our armpits, but this can vary depending on the volume of the shoulders. As for our style, we were more inclined to short sleeves, but in fact there is no wrong answer. Just good, simple tops that work well in any fitness activity.

Sleeveless running


$ 36.00

  • A sleeveless cut is great as an undershirt or a basic top
  • Four-way stretching for full range of motion
  • Sleeveless seams can be uncomfortable in the armpits
  • Only one color

The Run Within tower is an immediate daily option

Our favorite work

Run Within Crew


$ 75.00

  • Lightweight and extremely versatile
  • Semi-fitted design adjacent to all desired areas
  • The thinner design means that this top is slightly transparent
  • The side pocket may be larger

This versatile round neck sweater quickly became a daily choice, whether you’re playing on the tracks, pulling weights or relaxing at home.

The lightweight design provided enough coverage to keep us comfortable, and the breathable fabric helped us stay cool as soon as we started building up our workouts. And despite the fact that we engaged in several sessions and activities, the antimicrobial finish kept everything fresh and funky.

While we’d like to have a larger side pocket for more convenient storage, this is the top one that is sure to stay in our rotation for quite some time.

These Brooks shorts expand your workout opportunities

Run Within a 7-inch shorts without lining


$ 48.00

  • The back pocket conveniently holds keys and other essentials
  • Stretching in 4 directions provides excellent range of motion
  • Inseam may sit higher on the thigh for some
  • I would like to see an option with a substrate

If comfort is out of the question, Run Within shorts without lining are sure to suit you. Although these panties were capable of any fitness, we especially welcomed the soft, supple fabric in our running and yoga classes. The elastic waistband was comfortable and remained safe while driving without obsessive wear on the hips.

A comfortable back pocket was also an added benefit, which had plenty of space to keep car keys or a smartphone when you’re on the road. And although we were initially nervous about how light as these air shorts handled the wash cycle, they seemed to hold on with respect; without tears or damaged seams.

Brooks Run Within: Verdict

Overall, Brooks ’latest clothing collection seems as multifaceted as she claims. Although there are more technical options, this line provides a lot of affordable comfort and versatility for those who want to update their fitness wardrobe. From the road, to the gym and everywhere, in the Brooks Run Within Collection you are covered from head to toe.


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