Saturday’s strategy game, which didn’t bear fruit – Lube needed rain and he wasn’t fed up with it – left him without fresh soft tires for the final cycle, leaving him with a hard grip and 13.9 seconds off Tenac’s pace.

But Lubet was steadfast from the prospect of dropping to eighth place.

“Time doesn’t matter,” he said. “We know we can fight him. Let’s not go to the end. The result, seventh or eighth, is not important. We just need to build confidence in the future. So the goal is to do a quick reconnaissance now. ”

Only the leading Toyota was faster than the Tenac on the Felgeiras, which was a slightly unexpected result when he complained that his Hyundai had a problem with shifting gears and the throttle did not turn off automatically at even gears.

Results SS17

  1. Calais Ravanpera / Jon Halttunen (Toyota) 5 min 57.00 s
  2. Elfin Evans / Scott Martin (Toyota) + 2.7s
  3. Ott Tenac / Martin Jarveoya (Hyundai) +4.9 sec
  4. Thierry Neville / Martin Vide (Hyundai) + 6.5 sec
  5. Sebastian Auger / Benjamin Weias (Toyota) +6.6 sec
  6. Dani Sorda / Candida Carrera (Hyundai) + 8.7s
  7. Gus Greensmith / Jonas Anderson (M-Sport Ford) + 11.5s
  8. Craig Brin / Paul Nagle (M-Sport Ford) +12.8 s
  9. Takamota Katsuta / Aaron Johnston (Toyota) + 13.2s
  10. Adrien Furmo / Alexander Coria (M-Sport Ford) + 16.8s

Leading positions after SS17

  1. Kale Rovanpera / Jon Halttunen (Toyota) 3x19x43.7s
  2. Elfin Evans / Scott Martin (Toyota) + 8.4s
  3. Takamota Katsuta / Aaron Johnston (Toyota) +2 min 03.3 s
  4. Dani Sorda / Candida Carrera (Hyundai) +2 min 04.5 s
  5. Thierry Neville / Martin Wide (Hyundai) +2 min 32.4 s
  6. Craig Brin / Paul Nagle (M-Sport Ford) +4 min 13.2 s
  7. Pierre-Louis Lube / Lande (M-Sport Ford) +4 m33.5 s
  8. Ott Tenac / Martin Jarveoya (Hyundai) +4 min 45.8 s
  9. Adrien Furmo / Alexander Coria (M-Sport Ford) +7 min 21.1 s
  10. Teemu Suninen / Mika Markula (Hyundai) +10 m35.9 s

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