Women racers and builders reach new heights in road racing in 2022, where the groundbreaking Royal Enfield Build appears. Train. Race. The program (APC) is preparing to ignite the biggest season. Fifteen women from across the country from different age groups and different backgrounds will gather together for a series of exhibitions with six tours starting this weekend, May 20-22, as part of the MotoAmerica venue at Virginia International Raceway in Altana, Virginia.

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“This is a landmark year for Build. Train. Race. ”Said Brian Poland, Marketing and Communications Leader at Royal Enfield Americas. “Last year was incredible; we have received such support from fans and the industry. And this year it is twice as big – our field of riders, our schedule and our presence in the MotoAmerica unit. We will really surprise people with a full network of racers from all levels of experience. Among our new and returning riders we already see that the level of competition has increased. These ladies are going to show a great show this season. ”

From the painful process of selecting participants in the winter, including new riders and returning riders, the armored personnel carrier crew assisted each woman during the “Build” phase of the program. Generous sponsorships come from Parts Unlimited, S&S Cycle, Harris Performance, Dunlop, Maxima Racing Oils, BOXO USA, Öhlins USA Suspension and Arai Helmets.

Each of the 15 participants received a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 motorcycle, which took three months to develop and build. The “Train” phase included a recent test session at Barber Motorsports Park with Sportbike Track Time, where all the women of the BTR Road Race took to the track together for the first time. Under the guidance and mentorship of Melissa Paris, the riders were able to assemble their Continental GT 650 motorcycles, and they all demonstrated their readiness to race.


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