Now is the time for shippers to launch or restart their annual inquiries as spot market rates continue to fall to or below contract rates.

“In the spring, freight traffic usually starts to increase compared to winter, but we haven’t seen that this year,” said Michael Colin, the company’s founder and CEO. MVMNT.

Colin suggests that declining freight traffic and record orders for new trucks over the past year may partly explain why spot rates fell to about $ 3 a mile from their nearly $ 4 peak in mid-February. And recently, this trend has accelerated.


Refusal of tender drowned to just under 10%, far from last year when truckers refused about 25% of contract cargo.

“The rejection rate ratio really indicates whether pricing is in the hands of the shipper or the carrier – and now it is in the hands of the shipper. Due to the fact that spot rates are falling below contract, it is advantageous for shippers to launch or restart their requests, “said Colin, explaining that the window of opportunity is now open to those who want to block the best prices.

How long the window will stay open can only be guessed, so it’s best to act fast – and it’s smarter to do so with MVMNT.

The Chicago-based startup FreightTech has simplified the RFP process through its intuitive transport management system, TMS 2.0.

Why is RFP so expensive? The MVMNT had the same question. So she has created a free model that goes beyond what is expected of TMS by adding an RFP tool to its set of technologies.

“This is our RFP tool. It’s free and easy to use; you can run as much RFP as you want, and you don’t need to use full TMS to take advantage of it, ”Colin said, comparing it to other RFP programs on the market that often have six-digit price tags. .

MVMNT helps shippers receive best prices at any time. Thanks to streamlined contract prices, shippers can load and bid on the same day and be on contract for a week.

From pricing to carrier procurement, shipping to payments and storage – there is no other cargo management platform than the MVMNT. As rates have dropped significantly, Colin believes now is the time for shippers to restart their requests. Why not take advantage of a smarter, simpler and free solution in your next RFP?

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