Ryder System, which is located at the point of a private enterprise, describes the offer as “no solidity”.

In a public communication, the truck driver, bodegas and transport manager recognized that he had received an “indication of interest in solicitada” from HG Vora Capital Management to open the shares that he does not have a license for.

«In consonance with its fiduciary obligations and in consultation with its financial and legal advisers, the Ryder Administration Council will review and evaluate the indications of interest to determine the course of action of action of action of action of action of action of action of action. action of action of action of action which is created by cree cree actionists ”, said the communicator. No further comment.

The companies that are above 5% of the property of a company should present a 13D form at the Valores Market Commission. A revision of the SEC archives on the Ryder inversion web page shows that there are no 13D presentations that will be repaired in 2017, which will be confirmed by other information that HG Vora Capital owns Ryder’s 5% (NYSE: R)lo que le habría permitido acumular acciones sin una presentation na ante la SEC.

In the 13D present in Viernes, HG Vora said that it had 5,050,000 shares of the company, which had received a total of 396.8 million dollars. That’s a price tag of $ 78.58 per share.

After the 13D presentation, the participation of HG Vora in the company is now 9.9%.

HG Vora también dijo que había señalado su intereés a la dirección de Ryder en una carta enviada a la empresa el viernes.

According to the presentation, the offer of 86 dollars per share represents a premium of 24.8% respect to the media of 30 days of action and a premium of 20.3% respect to the price of Ryder el jueves.

The Ryder promotions support the news, but it is also close to the maximum price and the amount of money for the price of the offer of 86 dollars. You can pay $ 71.48 for Ryder shares for $ 84.41. Close to 83.69 dollars, with a subsidy of 12.21 dollars, a 17.08%.

At a maximum of 52 weeks of 93.05 dollars, established on October 25. Most recently, at least 52 weeks ago, the establishment on April 8 at 61.71 dollars, which means that the price of young players, before the somersault created by the presentation of HG Vora, is superior to the weight of the descents generales de los mercados de rent rent.

A possible reason for the acquisition of power can be done in a report of the April final published by Vertical Research Partners. In an analysis of the company following the results of the Ryder Trimester Primer Record, Vertical said that “it is impossible to see this company on the basis of the sum of the parties (SOTP)”.

Suele ser un problema para las empresas que se dedican a activides que están algo relacionadas -en el caso de Ryder, la logística y el transporte-, pero cuando sus partes operan en campos relativamente separados, ¿refleja el precioes de lasel el precio la empresa do you decide to sell a party?

Vertical dijo que no. You can also find information about “generating valorations for $ 150” from a SOTP database.

Other analyst who can be identified, sign with the XPO (NYSE: XPO) issue of GXO Logistics (NYSE: GXO), the Ryder food operations, which operate under Supply Chain Solutions (SCS), are now open to public comparison and comparison effects. (In a patronage forum on Wall Street the past year, GXO comment direction que era la única empresa que cotizaba en bolsa que era una action de logistica contractual pura).

With these figures in hand, it is possible to analyze as Vertical Research Partners and private capital companies as HG Vora can argue that Ryder is infrared about the sum of the sums of the parties, with the help of a comparison of SCS with GX.

In general, according to Barchart, Ryder’s price / free ratio is 1.36, its price / flow ratio is 1.63 and its price / price ratio is 0.37. In GXO -que only compares with SCS but not with everything Ryder- las estadísticas son precio / ventas, 0.77; price / flow rate, 10.82; y precio / libro, 2.58.

The other Ryder units are Fleet Management Services (FMS), which represent approximately 50% of the company and the rental agreement for which Ryder is more familiar, and Dedicated Transport Services (DTS), dedicated transport services.

As a sign of the analyst, the trucks of truckloads that have dedicated transport units are always proportional to a point of reference for the comparison of DTS, and FMS has many numbers for renting missions for rent. SCS no tenia un punto de referencia publico, pero GXO lo proporciho ahora, dijo.

In the trimester that ended the 31st of March, SCS has received 34.2 million dollar bills of operational benefits, which will support a single 4% increase in respect for the 2021 trimester. In 2021, the total number of SCS losses was 3.1%, compared to 4.7%. This yield is produced by including 54% of the GAAP base.

DTS has a figure similar to EBT. However, according to FMS, the EBT como percentage of the total share of the division is 16.2%, up from 4.7% of a year.

Email HG Vora website no tiene nada más que lo que equivale a una portada. In a CNBC website article de principios de 2021, se describía a HG Vora como «no un inversionista activista, pero ha demostrado ser un inversionista de valor aktivo cuwano es necesario. … Se trata de un fondo orientado a eventos y al valor que fue fundado en 2009 por Parag Vora ”, decea el articulo de CNBC.

Article by HG Vora and Entrepreneurship Office Depot, ODP Corp. 09.30 NASDAQ: ODP, habían llegado a un acuerdo sobre el futuro de la empresa de suministros de oficina. No se tradujo en una offer of acquisition by parte de HG Vora, y la Presentation 13d for the thief in relation to its activities, it is possible to identify all the ODP actions, and the difference between their 13D presentation and Ryder.

In a good note to the inversionists, the Wall Street Stifel company said that it was “surprising to see the offer” and that it does not expect that other bidders are present.

Also, the internal participation in Ryder is only 2.2%. The two major promoters by HG Vora are now Blackrock, with 10.71%, and Vanguard, just here, with 10.56%.

Stifel dijo that you have a lens price of 80 dollars for the action that now has a stable supply.

The FREIGHTWAVES TOP 500 In the list of carriers for rent Ryder’s system (No. 22).


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