Looking for a video recorder? Want to upgrade or replace your old one? Right now, you can save $100—that’s 33 percent off—on Rove’s top-of-the-line R3 at Amazon. With front, rear and interior cameras, as well as Wi-Fi, GPS, a 3-inch touchscreen, voice prompts and more, it’s everything a dashcam could need. Normally $299.99, you can pick it up today for just $199.99.

The Rove R3 features 24-hour parking monitor, g-sensor, distortion correction, loop recording, image stabilization and an f1.4 lens aperture that captures fine details even in low light. It also has four infrared LEDs for recording from the cabin camera in total darkness.

ROVE R3 front, rear and cockpit dash camera

ROVE R3 front, rear and cockpit dash camera

Now 33% off.

Based in Chicago, Rove InnoTech is one of the best-selling DVR brands in the world. It’s a well-regarded name in the industry, so you know you’re getting a quality product that works great right out of the box. Customer service is based in the US, and the DVR is backed by a full one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back policy if you’re not satisfied.

It will support a 256GB memory card, however, like many modern DVRs, this memory card is not included in this package. So you will need to pick it up on amazon too. (Note: The required set of wires is also not included; see the Amazon listing for exact specs on which one you’ll need.)

A supercapacitor, rather than a lithium-ion battery, powers the Rove R3, allowing it to operate in extreme weather conditions from -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. And the newly developed Rove app has a great UX that makes viewing or downloading videos quick and easy.

If you’ve been thinking about ditching the dash cam or if you’re looking to upgrade your old dash cam with front, rear and dash cams and all the latest and greatest tech, head over to Amazon and pick up a Rove R3 today. You never know when the footage he captures might save your bacon or just make you go viral.


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