Leclerc recently had the opportunity to try both types of Gilles Villeneuve Ferrari 312T and 312B3 Lauda, ​​driving last at the historic Monaco Grand Prix last weekend.

But Leclerc crashed in La Rascas when the car’s front left brake disc failed, causing the pedal to drop right to the floor and he could not avoid breaking into the barrier.

Leclerc’s test of Villeneuve’s car last month was much smoother, as Ferrari celebrated 40 years since the Canadian’s death in Colder with a special event in Fiarano.

Asked by whether he wants to test a classic Ferrari like Leclerc in the near future, Science admitted that he feels some uncertainty about the risks, especially at a time when Ferrari is proving competitive on the track in F1.

“I had the opportunity [test classic cars] in the past it gives you a vision of what the sport was a long time ago, ”Science said. “But I’m in two thoughts, because why would you risk it first, for example, why?

“You are in the middle of a chance to win the Ferrari Championship, why would you risk that this situation happened to him [Leclerc]? And at the same time, if you still have the opportunity to ride in these cars?

“Every time I jump into a classic Formula One car, I have things like that in my head.”

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Charles Leclerc, Ferrari 312 B3 after the crash

Photo: ACM

Science explained that his natural instinct, if jumping in any Formula 1 car, would have to push him to the limit, not just drive him just to make laps at a leisurely pace.

“If I jump in the car, I’ll push it,” Science said. “I don’t know how to jump in the car, stick out my elbow and drive [casually]i have no idea how to do it.

“I can only jump up and feel it and feel how this car feels. Every time I’m going to jump, I’ll push the car, and then it can happen and you’ll have other questions. So I don’t know what to answer. “

Leclerc explained after the failure of the brakes caused his accident in Monaco that he felt “happy to have it at the time” at La Rascasse, saying that if he “had it elsewhere, it wasn’t good” after how he was powerless from the brakes question.

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