After 5 years, Porsche returns to prototype endurance racing with the all-new 963 hypercar. The car, which will compete in the WEC and IMSA championships in 2023, made its public debut at the Speedwood Festival in Goodwood, and we have fun watching it fight on the famous hill.

The 963 is a 4.6-liter twin-turbo V8 derived from traffic 918 SpyderThe engine’s, and like all cars competing in the WEC LMDh class, it is mated to a standardized hybrid system for extra power. It is unclear what the overall outcome of the system will be, but we can imagine that it is enough.

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In terms of style, the Form 963 draws inspiration from Porsche’s two most iconic 1980s racing cars: the 956 and 962, and the paint scheme is somewhat reminiscent of red and white. ”Salzburg Red”Livery from 917. Elsewhere, graphic elements such as the full-width light strip give the 963 the spirit of Porsche road cars.

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Like any race car, all of these new hypercars are built with function rather than shape, and every crease and body bend serve a specific purpose of improving performance, but this new era of endurance racing seems to be returning a little more shape to sports, and that’s something we can certainly fall behind.

To see how the 963 and its thunderous V8 climb the famous Goodwood Hill, you can watch it in the video below.

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