Following Hurricane Ian, Segway Powersports, a growing manufacturer in the power sports industry, along with Sun Sports Cycle & Watercraft Inc. in Fort. Myers, Florida recently teamed up to provide a UTV to the Lee County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) for emergency response use.

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LCSD needed additional rescue vehicles for search and rescue operations in the Barrier Islands. Turning to Sun Sports Cycle & Watercraft Inc., the department was finally able to secure the vehicles it needed to complete the mission. So far, LCSD has purchased eight UTVs and is about to order additional units.

While Sun Sports Cycle & Watercraft Inc. also fell victim to the hurricane, with some employees forced out of flooded homes and others still without power, no employees injured. The dealership itself sustained only moderate damage, including the loss of a sign and gutters, damage to the facade, and a torn roof that caused a leak.

As a result, the company wanted to use its position in the power sports segment to supply necessary equipment at a time when many vehicles were flooded and unsafe to drive. With an expedited deadline and very little free time, Segway Powersports quickly supplied the necessary equipment.

Vice President and General Manager of Sun Sports Cycle & Watercraft Inc. Ralf Graettinger said: “As many manufacturers have supply difficulties, we are grateful that Segway can support the complete supply chain. When we needed additional equipment immediately, Segway’s Warren Johnson had a replacement within days.”

Shane Wilson, Vice President of Segway Powersports, added, “In light of Hurricane Ian, no matter how big or small, there was a need to help. Being able to support our first responders in their ongoing efforts to protect affected communities is a top priority. Having a dealer in Sun Sports Cycle & Watercraft Inc. that puts the continued safety of their communities first makes a big difference in more than just the power sports industry, and we are honored to work with them as a partner.”