The GMC Syclone of the 1990s was a true world leader with speed on par with the Corvettes and Ferraris of the time. Thirty years later, we have such high-performance off-road trucks Ford F-150 Raptor and the Ram 1500 TRX, but none are street-oriented like the Syclone.

Enter this modified GMC Sierra Hot Wheels Edition for sale eBay, which is probably as close as possible to a modern Syclone. The truck was originally built for SEMA, and it definitely has the car to enter this show.

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Like the Syclone, this truck’s finish has been blacked out, even down to the blacked-out headlights and taillights, but to the potential dismay of some Cyclone purists, it has four doors instead of two. Elsewhere, the Sierra sports a lowered suspension and a new set of wheels to really give it that aggressive street look. Additional touches include a truck bed and power running boards, though the latter seems a bit unnecessary seeing as how this truck sits lower than some cars.

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As mentioned earlier, this Sierra has bark to support its bite. While the standard 6.2-liter V8 under the hood of this truck would normally make 420 hp. (426 hp / 313 kW), in its current state of modification it is more than 650 hp. (659 hp / 485 kW). The listing doesn’t say exactly what those modifications are other than a custom exhaust system, but we can see from the photos that it’s at least equipped with a Whipple supercharger.

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