New graphics for 2023

The new graphics kit is made using InMold technology. Graphics are introduced directly into the plastic mold. This makes them very durable and more resistant to abrasion.

Saddles Selle Dalla Valle Gray Diamond Cover

The gray cover for the saddle SELLE DALLA VALLE gives the bike a “factory” note, which provides increased strength and slip resistance, which leads to increased performance.

Neken Foam steering wheel cover

NEKEN foam steering wheel cover is standard.

Expansion tank

The expansion tank is standard on our models. The bike is really ready to ride without having to add any options.

Standard fan

A cooling fan is fitted to our models as standard. The bike is really ready to ride without having to add any options.

Exhaust Akrapovic (450/500)

Significant weight loss and increased productivity.

Exhaust system 4T Akrapovic Titanium (250/300)

Significant weight loss and increased productivity.

Galfer brake disc

GALFER front brake discs. Ultra efficient BREMBO-GALFER kit. Provide excellent sensations, modulation and braking power.

AXP Engine Guard

High quality motor protection AXP 6mm high density polyethylene (HDPE). Protect the engine and engine components as well as the lower parts of the frame. This makes the bike really ready to exit the dealer.

Suspension brackets KYB

KYB adjustable shock absorbers and forks provide the perfect compromise between performance and comfort. KYB suspensions are recognized as the best in the modern market.



For which rider?

Are you looking for a lightweight, lightweight, fun motorcycle with high performance? SHERCO 125 SE is the perfect partner to help you ride and advance in your riding skills, while providing you with maximum pleasure. 125 SHERCO, designed for both thrill seekers and experienced riders, light, compact, powerful and tough.

SHERCO 250/300 SE

SE 300
SHERCO 250/300 SE

For which rider?

For lovers of two-stroke, who want unconditional fun and power, as well as an explosive response to gas, which can only give you a two-stroke. Enthusiasts of extreme racing, casual endurance racers or those looking for performance. These engines are made for you.

The 250 and 300 two-stroke engine units have been designed to bring pure pleasure back to the heart of our range. Easy to maintain engine that runs in any environment, from sea to mountains, in mud, sand or rocky conditions.

SHERCO 250/300 SEF

SHERCO 250/300 SEF

For which rider?

We know that some riders are looking for different sensations, compromise and versatility. They want a motorcycle that is easy to ride everywhere, on which any rider can adapt and be able to succeed in riding.

The key words that characterize SEF 250 and 300 are maneuverability, lightness, maneuverability and performance. Whether you want to beat lap time in special offers or ride with pleasure, especially on any type of terrain or even for long distance driving, 250 and 300 SEF will always be the best choice.

SHERCO 450/500 SEF

SEF 450

For which rider?

These bikes are designed for riders who dream of wide spaces, deep sand or streams who are looking forward to the weekend to fully experience their sense of freedom. There is nothing better than a motorcycle that will give you a sense of power, speed and stability.

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