Tsuboy from Inging made contact with Kabayashi on turn 2 on the 5th with 42 laps on the Kyushu track, at high speed throwing the KCMG driver into the barrier.

The incident caused the second period of the safety car race, and the first lap for Toshika Oyu was the cause of the first precaution.

Tsuboy had to claim a new front wing after the collision and later received a fare penalty that dropped him to 13th place at the finish line, continuing a failed start to the 2022 season despite a hot form of pre-season testing.

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Despite the fact that the previous contact was not clearly shown in the telecast, Tsuboy admitted his guilt.

“Kabayashi and I fought at turn 1, I was outside,” recalled Tsuba. “I didn’t think I would be able to bypass it when braking, so I cut it inwards, which meant Kabayashi was outside for Turn 2, and I drew next to it from the inside.

“My exit speed was better, so I thought I could skip it to turn 3, and wanted to keep the inside line. Sure, Kamui doesn’t want to be bypassed, so he wants to defend himself, but he saw that I was going and left me a place.

“At that point, I dipped the right front and the right back into the dirt [on the inside of Turn 2]. Before that, I thought I would be able to put it on the brakes, but maybe that was my decision [to attack] I’m late. “

Kabayashi told Motorsport.com that there was no doubt that Tsuboi was to blame for the collision, adding that the driver Inging had already apologized to him.

“He just hit my rear wheel with the front of his car, and my tire just cut, it just exploded suddenly,” Kabayashi explained.

“I had no control and I drove straight into the wall at a speed of over 200 km / h. It was a pretty big hit, unfortunately. I was fine, but the car has a lot of damage.

“If he had gone alone, he would have left … he just drove in too hot. He has already explained to me and apologized. Of course, this could have been avoided. “

Kabayashi added that he hopes to pass a long first term, which increases the prospect that he will be able to score points, despite a consolation 14th place.

“I struggled with the pace, I had some rush,” he said. “Liberation [first] The car safety was a pretty late call, so it took me by surprise.

“Initially, I didn’t want to strain too much because I wanted to work out for a long time, I tried to save the tires, that was my goal.

“We’ve improved a bit since the start of the season, but not enough. We need more. “


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