Creating a standard wheel design that is memorable demonstrates how difficult it is to actually invent a wheel both literally and figuratively. Although dozens of new cars appear every year, quite rarely one of them comes with a standard wheel design that is perfect for the car. So we wonder which ones the best of history.

One of the favorites comes from BMW M1 what you see in our main image. This car is special no matter what wheels you put on it, and it makes us think about the situation with the chicken and the egg. Does this amazing car make the wheels special? Are the wheels really special in themselves? Perhaps it is the combination that makes them perfect. Either way, we want to know which standard wheels are your favorites in car history.

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However, not only this brand has a history of good wheel designs. Many European, Japanese and American cars use stunning wheel designs that people still love.

Porsche had his wheels Fuchs for years that still go for the best dollar when they appear in the second-hand market. More recently, Alfa Romeo Giulia has been able to have with some of the holiest wheels that you will find on the market today.

This is not the only circle filled with holes that also looks special. One set of wheels sold at the Lamborghini Huracan features a variety of sexy hexagons that mark the brand’s obsession with hexagon shape.

Of course, holes are not needed to make the wheel big. The Aston Martin Valkyrie has an almost flat wheel that cuts through the air to aid in aerodynamics. However, there must be a bunch more of what you think is even better. So tell us about them below and maybe include a picture where you can.

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