As it turned out last monthSicard was recruited to take on a new job as part of a response to last year’s controversy over the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The longtime head of DAMS will leave his post at the French organization on Monday, having served a warning for the past six weeks.

The title of FIA Sports Director used to be one of several that belonged to Michael Massi. However, the job description was revised, and Sicard put Sicard between the head of the single-seat FIA Peter Bayer and key players in the governing body of F1.

His responsibilities in Formula One will include writing and updating sports rules, as well as maintaining a review of race control and steward systems on behalf of the FIA. His work will also cover similar ground in F2, F3 and F4.

Sicard had not previously worked directly in F1. However, he was associated with several racers who subsequently moved on to the Grand Prix race, and he maintained extensive links with Formula One teams that placed their protégés at DAMS.

Kevin Magnussen, DAMS

Photo: Diderik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency

A business graduate, Sicard began racing in 2001 when he joined Renault Sport after 10 years of marketing work at the French manufacturer.

He co-created the Renault World Series, led the championship until the end of the third season in 2007 and worked with riders such as Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica.

He joined OAK Racing LMP2 as Managing Director in 2007 before moving to DAMS in January 2012 in a similar position.

Over the past decade, he has helped the team win titles in several major categories.

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David Valseki won the GP2 crown in 2012, and Jolian Palmer added another success in 2014, while under current Formula 2 rules the team’s best achievement was a place that took second place to Nicholas Latifi in 2019.

Kevin Magnussen won the Formula Renault Series 3.5 title with DAMS in 2013, and Carlos Sainz repeated that feat the following year.

The e.dams team also won three Formula E team titles on the Sicard watch in its previous partnership with Renault, but has now been fully bought out by Nissan, meaning Nissan Formula E team leader Thomas Volpe is now taking responsibility for the manufacturer’s race. hand.

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