This new home energy management solution is the brains behind home energy generation, battery backup and electric vehicle charging.

SolarEdge has announced the North American launch of SolarEdge Home, a home energy management solution that is the “brain” of a solar installation that integrates solar panels, batteries, electric vehicle chargers and more into a single solution that allows homeowners control the use of solar energy, energy in their home. savings and carbon emissions.

The DC-optimized power management system connects the inverter and battery on the DC side, thus eliminating the power conversions that are typical of many battery-related systems. SolarEdge estimates this can add up to 10 days of energy savings for each year of use. The DC-Optimized system also provides multi-day battery backup, reducing grid dependency.

The system includes:

  • The SolarEdge Home Hub inverter is the only next-generation inverter platform
  • SolarEdge Power Optimizers – A DC/DC converter that turns solar modules into smart modules and now features the SolarEdge Sense Connect safety feature to help prevent arcing on the roof.
  • The SolarEdge Home Battery is a proven 9540A battery that provides additional backup for switches, outlets and appliances with up to 30% more power compared to legacy battery technology and up to 5% more reverse exchange efficiency.
  • The SolarEdge Home EV Charger is a fully controllable, scheduleable charger that easily connects to a SolarEdge home inverter and features a Solar Boost mode for faster charging.

Homeowners can use the mySolarEdge app to monitor, plan and track energy consumption and savings in response to external factors such as weather events and utility rate increases. The app has a Weather Guard feature that is designed to automatically alert the system when a storm is detected, and the system starts to charge the battery before a storm begins.

SolarEdge reports that the system simplifies installation and commissioning for installers because the DC-Optimized system simplifies construction, reduces the need to upgrade major panels, and uses plug-and-play wireless connectivity, eliminating the need to run communication cables between components.

“SolarEdge Home is designed to meet homeowners’ needs for larger PV systems, more applications, and seamless control through a single app. For installers, SolarEdge Home helps create higher-value customer relationships while minimizing operating and installation costs,” said Peter Matthews, general manager, North America.

Homeowners can also add features and capabilities to the SolarEdge Home ecosystem as their home energy needs evolve and change.

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