Ricky Stanhouse Jr., Chris Bushehr and Daniel Suarez went on to race all-stars through the All-Star Open, and Eric Jones won a fan vote.

Stanhouse led on every lap and won the first stage to advance. It started from the front row after pole seat Tyler Reddick was forced to move to the back for an unauthorized adjustment.

The first stage of 20 laps passed without precaution.

“We were definitely lucky to be in the front row,” Stanhouse said. “Our No. 47 Viva Camaro took off there very, very hard. The Kroger team has worked very hard the last few weeks and we’ve been getting results that nice. Now we can race for a million dollars and take part in a big show.

“We sat and watched it last year, so it feels really good. We will make some adjustments. I have a better idea of ​​what my car was doing there, so I hope we can run across the field. ”

Bouchard won the second stage with 20 laps, capturing the lead in a three-time move in the third turn eight laps to go. Bouchard was stuck at the bottom when Corey LaJee started gliding down the track with Suarez outside. The rest of the way he led to the finish line.

LaJoie inherited the lead in the race, staying aside when caution flew by on the sixth lap over Landon Casil’s crash. Kasil turned in the 4th turn and hit the wall with the back of his № 77.

At the restart, LaJoe took the bottom, and Suarez – outside. Bouchard restarted third in the inner lane.

“It’s cool to be able to race with our Fastenal Ford Mustang,” Buscher said. “It was some kind of aggressive race that we know will be with these short races when we come to the All-Star competition. We got close, and when I saw him start sliding up the hill, I realized we had to commit.

“It was cool. I got a good push down right away and I had to be really protective [Turn 1] and this clutch was just beginning to come. I am interested to see where the end of this race is going, and I am very excited about today’s race of all stars. “

Suarez started the final stage with 10 laps of the leaders in the race, and Radzik was second. Radish turned nine laps to pass Turn 4, crashing into the wall with the back of his car, and then Harrison Burton collided with him face to face in front of him.

The race resumed eight laps to the end, and Suarez led the rest. He drove away from Austin Dylan and Justin Haley.

“I wanted to run only 20, but we had to run all 50 (laps),” Suarez said. “All in all, I’m just proud of my guys. Every time I participated in the All-Star Race, it was a lot of fun, but most of all I like the fact that I go outside, meet people and the team, and all is well. I am very happy to be able to do this with my guys and crew at Trackhouse Racing. ”

The winner of the supporters vote, Jones, came in fifth.



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