• Uber has agreed to list all 14,000 New York City taxis for travel in its app, Wall Street Journal reported today.
  • This is the first time a travel exchange company has partnered with a taxi company in the US
  • Uber calls it a “true victory for racers”, but the move comes after years of protests by taxi drivers who lost businesses with the app, and months of rising tariffs for Uber racers due to a shortage of drivers.

    Uber’s travel exchange company has agreed to list all New York City taxis in its app, Wall Street Journal reported this morning. This is a practice that Uber has adopted in some other countries, but not yet in the US city. The app has been heavily criticized by fans of the taxi industry in New York City, which has lost business due to the popularity of Uber and Lyft in recent years.

    Protest in October 2021.

    Spencer PlattGetty Images

    According to the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, 13,587 taxis carrying official medallions are registered in New York City. The taxi already has driving software from Creative Mobile Technologies that creates a taxi app called Arro. Now Uber riders can choose a taxi ride for which they will pay about the same price as for an Uber X ride. Taxi drivers will be able to accept or cancel trips received by Uber based on how much information they have received. they will be paid. Uber itself will get some as yet undisclosed percentage of the cost of a taxi ride through the app.

    This was announced by Uber’s director of business development statement this morning titled “Once Rivals, Now Partners” that the move is “a real win for drivers … They no longer need to worry about how to find a fare at off-peak times or get street hail back in Manhattan when in external areas. ”This is probably also a victory for racers in New York who have seen a shortage of drivers at Uber prices rise rapidly for trips booked through the app over the past few months.

    Linking taxis and Uber will begin this spring in beta and will be available to everyone over the summer, Uber said, and Uber’s head of global mobility Andrew MacDonald said WSJ that Uber has set a goal by 2025 to include all the world’s taxis in its app.

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