DETROIT – Stellantis will need four electric vehicle battery plants in North America by 2030, the company’s North American chief operating officer said Tuesday.

The automaker has already announced the creation of two joint battery factories – one in Indiana and others in Canada – and will need two more plants in the United States, Canada or Mexico, Mark Stewart told the Reuters Events auto conference in Detroit. The first two plants are planned to be launched in 2025.

“By the second, third quarter of 2026, if the market goes in the same direction, we’ll need a third plant on the grid by the end of the 26th, beginning of the 27th. We are already discussing Plant No. 3 and possibly Plant No. 4. We will need four plants by 2030.”

The Indiana plant is a joint venture with South Korea’s Samsung, and the Canadian plant will be built jointly with South Korea’s LG Energy Solution. Partners for two additional plants are being discussed, Stewart said.

Stewart expects to announce a third plant in the second quarter of next year.