Grupo Antolin has entered into a strategic partnership with Osram Automotive Lighting Systems (AMLS), which is working on new features for digital projection systems on various surfaces, such as the headliner substrate.

It was claimed that it “will provide passengers with a unique experience and greater comfort during the trip.”

Also possible projections on the dashboard, trim racks or panoramic roof. To offer customers a single product, partners bring together strengths in lighting, electronics and integration.

Digital projection technology provides a wide range of options for displaying individual content such as the environment, videos, visual patterns, logos or images, including warning signs and information. The focus is on greeting scenarios, but the system also creates new customer impressions during the trip.

AMLS digital projection systems are based on the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) approach. Thanks to its flexible and compact design, DMD projection modules can be easily integrated into the interior of Antolin to display projections on various surfaces in the interior of the car. In addition, AMLS projection modules can be synchronized with functional and ambient lighting and individually adapted to different scenarios of movement and mood of passengers. The combination of the projection module and the cuff uses the largest canvas available in the car.

“Antolin will expand its work in the development of innovative modular overhead systems in order to consolidate its position as a world leader in this field,” said the supplier.

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