The Suzuki dealer newsletter, released on Friday, provides more details on its potential departure from MotoGP. (MotoGP /)

After the Sherry Round MotoGP World Championship about two weeks ago Suzuki Motor Corporation dropped the bomb of the season not only on the organization of Team Suzuki Ecstar and racers Alex Rince and 2020 MotoGP champion Jeanne Mirbut Suzuki fans around the world have stopped MotoGP. We reported on this here. At that time there was very little information and not much explanation for why he is leaving the championship for the second time in 10 years (previously sat aside in 2012-2014).

Just over a week later, Suzuki issued a brief statement that read: “Suzuki Motor Corporation is in talks with Dorna regarding the possibility of ending Suzuki’s participation in MotoGP in late 2022.

“Unfortunately, the current economic situation and the need to focus our efforts on the great changes facing the automotive world in recent years are forcing Suzuki to drastically reduce racing costs and use all its economic and human resources to develop new technologies. .

“We would like to express our deep gratitude to our Suzuki Ecstar team, to all those who have supported Suzuki motorcycle racing for many years, and to all Suzuki fans who have given us their enthusiastic support.”

This statement left as many unanswered questions as it was considered, given that Suzuki has signed a contract to remain in the squad until 2026. Dorn, MotoGP’s governing body, was quick to respond: “After the latest rumors that Suzuki is leaving MotoGP in late 2022, Dorn Sports has officially contacted the plant to remind them that the terms of their contract to participate in MotoGP races do not allow them to accept it. decision unilaterally.

“However, if Suzuki goes according to the agreement between the two sides, Dorn will decide on the ideal number of riders and teams participating in the MotoGP class from 2023.”

The world of the cycle recently purchased an internal note sent by a Suzuki dealer in the United States clarifying this decision and what it means for their business. The document echoes earlier statements that read: “Suzuki Motor Corporation is essentially exploring the possibility of exiting MotoGP in late 2022 and is negotiating with the organizer of the DORNA series on an exit plan. This decision was made taking into account changes in the market

environment and is part of a strategy to allocate resources to the health and well-being of Suzuki’s entire business, especially in the areas of sustainability, carbon neutrality and alternative fuel technologies. Like all companies, Suzuki is adapting to a rapidly changing world.

“This business decision does not undermine Suzuki’s commitment and commitment to its motorcycle and ATV business or the power sports market in the United States.

“Suzuki Motor Corporation and Suzuki Motor USA, LLC are committed to the power sports and US market and will continue to supply and service the premium Suzuki motorcycles, ATVs and scooters you look forward to.”

Despite leaving MotoGP, Suzuki says it remains committed to the motorcycle and ATV business, as well as MotoAmerica, AMA Supercross, AMA Motocross and NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing.

Despite leaving MotoGP, Suzuki says it remains committed to the motorcycle and ATV business, as well as MotoAmerica, AMA Supercross, AMA Motocross and NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing. (MotoGP /)

At the end of the note there were some answers to questions that were considered to require further clarification. He confirmed that he does not intend to stop the production of motorcycles and sports products, will not leave the US market and will continue to maintain its domestic racing commitments in MotoAmerica, AMA SupercrossAMA motocross and NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing.

With a bunch of recently released new products including GSX-S1000, GSX-S1000GT / GT +and brand new Hayabusaas well as the promise of more new models to appear soon, Suzuki fans can relax, knowing that at least on the product side Hamamatsu remains on gas.

What this means for the Suzuki Ecstar team and its riders remains to be seen. Three-time MotoGP winner Rince and ex Moto3 and MotoGP World Champion will undoubtedly be a hot feature for any team looking for riders with a pedigree that has won the race. Their sudden availability certainly throws a huge key to the racers market by 2023, a market in which very few factory and satellite team riders have contracts after 2022.

Follow the news as it is an evolving story.

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