The Suzuki Motor CorporationJapan (SMC), Maruti Suzukiand IIT-Hyderabad on Wednesday jointly demonstrated here the “first in the country” research demonstration of V2X communication (machine to all).

SMC, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), and IIT-Hyderabad have teamed up to explore India-specific scenarios for the use of vehicles based on futuristic V2X communication technology, the release said.

V2X communication technology when used in conjunction with appropriate infrastructure, traffic rules and driver training can help reduce traffic accidents and congestion, the report said.

The “first-of-its-kind” five prototype cars showcasing these experimental applications in the Indian context were demonstrated on the IIT-H campus.

Some of the usage scenarios were demonstrated: Ambulance Alert System, Wrong Driver Alert System, Pedestrian Alert System, Motorcycle Alert System and Road Condition Alert System.

In the ambulance alert system, car drivers warn of the approach of an ambulance and its path via V2X. This helps the driver to safely plan maneuvers and clear the way for the ambulance. The alert system will also share small details, such as the distance between vehicles, in real time.

In the alert system for a driver moving in the wrong direction, car drivers receive a prior warning of the existence of a driver approaching in the wrong direction via a V2X connection.

The pedestrian alert system helps drivers of pedestrians nearby using a V2X connection that can interfere with the car. This will help drivers take precautions to avoid a possible collision.

Munisehar Avileli, advisor, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority India, Kishore Babu YGSC, Deputy Director General (Standardization-R&D-Innovation), Telecommunications Department of the Union Government, VJ Christopher, Director (Wireless Monitoring Organization), Telecommunications Department, and Jayesh Ranjan, Chief Secretary, IT, Government, Telang Government . IIT-H senior officials were present. At the demonstration, Kazunobu Hori, CEO of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan and Senior CEO,

Suzuki was joined by Rahul Bharti, chief executive, Maruti Suzuki and others, the release said.

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