In a brief statement from the Suzuki press service, the Japanese manufacturer said it was in talks with Dorna, the organizer of the MotoGP series, to disband its MotoGP team later this year. In the relevant news, both Suzuki riders, 2020 MotoGP champion Joan Mir and Alex Rince, said they understand they will need to find new teams to start the race from the 2023 series.

It is expected that another team will take two positions in the network, which is currently occupied by Suzuki, from next year. The identity of this team, and whether it has the full support of the factory or is a satellite, remains to be seen. There are some speculations that KTM could take two seats and launch the MotoGP team under the banner of one of its sister brands, Husqvarna or GasGas.

Here is a press release from Suzuki:

Suzuki press service – May 12, 2022

Suzuki Motor Corporation is in talks with Dorna regarding the possibility of ending its participation in MotoGP in late 2022.

Unfortunately, the current economic situation and the need to focus on the major changes facing the automotive world in recent years are forcing Suzuki to shift costs and human resources to developing new technologies.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to our Suzuki Ecstar team, to all those who have supported Suzuki motorcycle racing for many years, and to all Suzuki fans who have given us their enthusiastic support.

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