“In the second cycle, he is always very abrasive,” Tenak explained. “So this is the only stage in the cycle where brutal forces are working. Now we come back to the soft ones. ”

Meanwhile, it looks like Bryn is unlikely to put everything at stake for bonus points in the next test, trying to maintain the best result of the season – second place.

“Honestly, it’s a little trick,” Brin said of Sassari’s upcoming test. “The more you risk, the more you push, you can earn a huge amount of time. Now we are in a very good position, and it would be a shame to destroy it. “

Elphine Evans and Thierry Neville, both of whom retired and returned to the Super Rally, walked slowly and ran at the same pace as the WRC2 cars to save their tires for the final push.

This approach was not reflected by other Saturday retirees: Esopecca Lapi was second in speed when she tested some changes in the mood of her teammates before the Safari rally in Kenya.

SS20 results

  1. Ott Tenac / Martin Jarveoya (Hyundai) 8 min 23.2 s
  2. Esopecca Lapi / Janne Ferm (Toyota) + 0.3s
  3. Craig Brin / Paul Nagle (M-Sport Ford) + 1.3s
  4. Gus Greensmith / Jonas Anderson (M-Sport Ford) + 1.9s
  5. Takamota Katsuta / Aaron Johnston (Toyota) +2.7 sec
  6. Pierre-Louis Lube / Vincent Lande (M-Sport Ford) +4.8 sec.
  7. Dani Sorda / Candida Carrera (Hyundai) +5.0 s
  8. Chris Ingram / Craig Drew (Škoda) + 11.6s
  9. Nikolai Gryazin / Konstantin Alexandrov (Škoda) + 13.7s
  10. Jari Hutunen / Mika Luka (M-Sport Ford) + 15.0s

Leading positions after SS20

  1. Ott Tenac / Martin Jarveoya (Hyundai) 3h05m44.9s
  2. Craig Brynn / Paul Nagle (M-Sport Ford) + 58.2s
  3. Dani Sorda / Candida Carrera (Hyundai) +1 min 26.2 s
  4. Pierre-Louis Lube / Vincent Lande (M-Sport Ford) +2 min 02.4 s
  5. Cale Ravanpera / Jon Halttunen (Toyota) +3 min 13.7 s
  6. Takamota Katsuta / Aaron Johnston (Toyota) +4 min 06.7 s
  7. Gus Greensmith / Jonas Anderson (M-Sport Ford) +5 min 23.5 s
  8. Nikolai Gryazin / Konstantin Alexandrov (Škoda) + 7m17.4s
  9. Jan Salance / Rodrigo Sanjuan (Citroën) +7 min. 49.00 s
  10. Jari Hutunen / Mika Luka (M-Sport Ford) +8 min 03.8 s


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