Tesla has reportedly agreed to build a battery and electric car plant in Indonesia. The comment came after Mask’s meeting with the President of Indonesia.

Last week we reported According to rumors, Tesla is approaching a deal for a battery company in Indonesia after a new round of talks with representatives of the automaker and the Indonesian government; this is not the first time that talks have emerged that Tesla is making major investments in Indonesia.

In 2020, we reported Tesla is allegedly in talks with the Indonesian government to set up a new nickel plant in a country that has strong reserves of nickel – nickel is one of the main materials used in the production of cathodes for battery cells used in electric vehicles. The move was made after CEO Elon Musk asked mining companies to increase nickel production.

Later, we also learned that Tesla is actually negotiating with Indonesia not only about nickel, but perhaps build a complete battery factory in the country. After a pause in talks earlier this month, things escalated again after Tesla sent the group to Indonesia to talk to the government and Elon Musk met with President Jock “Jockey” Vidod.

Now a week later, local news reported that Tesla “agreed” to a deal to build a plant for the production of batteries and electric vehicles in Indonesia:

Tesla has agreed to build a plant for the production of batteries and electric vehicles in an industrial complex in the province of Central Java after talks in the state last weekend between President Joko “Jokovi” Vidoda and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, said on Wednesday Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadaliya.

Lahadalia clarified that nothing has been “signed” yet, but said it has been agreed:

God willing, Tesla will enter Indonesia this year. But I can’t announce the month yet. Let’s wait, because we haven’t signed the agreement yet. How much investment is still kept secret is still pending. But these are good things, great things.

He did not specify the details of the plan, but mentioned the plant for the production of batteries and the production of electric vehicles. Earlier, Musk said Tesla is looking to announce locations for new plants by the end of the year.

Take Electrek

I would take this with a pinch of salt. Looks like a decent source, but it’s best to be careful until something is signed. That would be a big deal for Tesla, as they will most likely provide a large supply of nickel.

Indonesia has introduced rules that force companies to recycle nickel locally – so it is not so difficult for them to produce full batteries locally – but the creation of fully electric vehicles in Indonesia is more surprising, though not impossible.

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