Tesla Inc. It is expected to announce another record quarter, despite problems in the supply chain in the industry, as the world’s leading electrician is benefiting from high gas prices, which is pushing more and more buyers to plug-in models.

According to a dozen analysts polled by Bloomberg, the company probably delivered 309,158 cars worldwide in the first three months of the year. Tesla delivered about 308,000 cars in the fourth quarter, which was the best figure at the time.

Deliveries are one of Tesla’s most attentive metrics: they underlie the company’s financial results from Austin, Texas, and are widely viewed as a barometer of consumer demand for EVs amid a departure from the internal combustion engine. While many major automakers will announce U.S. sales results on Friday, Tesla, which reports global results, did not specify a release date.

Despite another potential supply record, last quarter was a challenge for Tesla. The company suspended production at its plant in Shanghai amid uncertainty over the pandemic blockade in the city and the constant outbreak of Covid-19, which could delay sales.

“We view the recent Covid outbreaks in China as a potential risk of decline, given that Tesla’s supplies are usually weighed in by the end of the quarter,” said Credit Suisse analyst Dan Levy. He expects deliveries of 307,000, which is a little embarrassing for the previous quarter.

Tesla assembles its Model S, X, 3 and Y cars at a plant in Fremont, California. It also produces models 3 and Y at a factory near Shanghai that produces cars for China and Europe. The company has started shipping the first Model Y from its new plant near Berlin and will have a “Cyber ​​Radeo” for 15,000 people to mark the new plant in Austin next week.

A large number of deliveries could push Tesla shares, prolonging growth that pushed its market value above the trillion-dollar mark. The deft navigation of the EV manufacturer in the crisis of supply chains, plans for the division of shares and the opening of factories have helped to strengthen the mood of investors.

By the end of Thursday, Tesla shares were in positive terms for the year, which did not match the S&P 500 index or automakers such as General Motors and Ford Motor Co. Tesla shares also performed much better than startup EV Rivian Automotive Inc. and Lucid Group Inc. .

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