Tesla has finally succeeded at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, and is working hard to increase production of the Model Y. However, the standby time of the Model Y is still incredibly long, as the base finish of the Long Range with Standard 19-inch wheels has an approximate date deliveries between February and March 2023. There is good news for buyers living near Austin, as there have been reports that Tesla is offering booking owners living near the new factory an accelerated delivery for its electric crossover.

According to Inside EVs, some booking owners living in Texas have received an email from Tesla. Email distributed on social media allows booking owners to change their current bookings to the new Y Standard Range all-wheel drive model. The new trim level comes with Tesla 4680 battery cells and a new structural battery that it manufactures in-house.

“Choose the Model Y All-Wheel Drive and try one of the first cars built at Gigafactory Texas – and currently only available in the area. Go anywhere from up to 279 miles on a single charge and accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.0 seconds, ”the email said.

Tesla there are also several new all-wheel drive models in the standard range of the Y model available on the current inventory page. Of the images we saw on Twitter, some of the available electric cars have 3 to 25 miles on the odometer. Prices range from From $ 60,990 to $ 61,990. They are also available for “Expedited Delivery”, but there is no information on delivery dates for these vehicles. Interestingly, one of the cars has a range of 269 miles and the other is rated at 279 miles.

New Model Y Standard range all-wheel drive models are a bit confusing. The base all-wheel drive Long Range trim costs $ 64,190 with destination and $ 62,990 without destination and has a range of 330 miles. The new cars cost about $ 62,000 – we don’t know if the prices include the destination or not – and have about 51 miles less range. While consumers are saving money by choosing the new all-wheel drive Standard Range Model Y, they are slightly losing power. We suspect that the real factor that will affect the choice of a new model will be the delivery time.

Due to the fact that current booking owners get the opportunity to order a new Tesla Model Y finish, we expect the automaker to quickly update its website to allow consumers across the country to order a new model.

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