Kyiv: Tesla, an electric vehicle company, has begun offering free recharging in several Ukrainian countries to people fleeing the country after the Russian invasion. In an e-mail to local owners, Tesla announced that it was making several Supercharger stations near Ukraine’s borders with these countries free for use by both Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles, according to Electrek’s automotive website. Tesla’s autopilot function is being tested by German regulators: a report.

“Starting on Monday, we will temporarily allow free recharging for Tesla and non-Tesla cars at facilities in areas affected by the recent situation in Ukraine. Starting with Trzebovnisk ​​(Poland), Kosice (Slovakia), Miskolc (Hungary), Debrecen ( Hungary).) “- said in an email.

“We hope this will help you calm down to get to a safe place. As always, click on any site on your car’s touch screen to see current prices. Safe travel,” it added.

When regions of the world are affected by natural disasters, Tesla is known to offer free recharging in those regions to give people less thinking when moving away from danger. For example, Tesla has repeatedly offered owners free recharging during hurricanes in the southern United States.

Now, for the first time, Tesla is doing this not for a natural disaster, but for a man-made disaster. Russian President Vladimir Putin last week initiated a “military operation” that now equates to a large-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Ukrainian troops are fighting off a much larger neighbor, but Russian troops have advanced into several parts of the country.

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