Radish, a regular participant in the Series Cup, is only the second to start this year driving a Chevrolet № 48 from Big Machine Racing.

The win is the first for an organization – owned by Scott Borchette – that only started putting up a team last season.

Shortly before the last precaution in the race, Reddick overtook Brendan Jones in 137th out of 167 laps to take the lead in the race for the first time. He got a great jump on the restart for 21 laps to go and held William Byron at 1,825 seconds for his 10th career win.

“Just a big thank you to Big Machine Racing for this opportunity,” Reddick said. “We had a good car in Darlington and I threw it away. Nice to come back and redeem yourself.

“These guys have worked very hard and they want to run ahead. We’re going to come here and try to help them be ahead of where they want to be. It’s really great that we were able to do that in our second timeout. “

Asked about his emotions after the race, team leader Patrick Donahue said: “A little crying. We only started this business last year.

“Man, oh, we worked so hard and tore so many things. Everyone on this team who believed in what I wanted to do. I can’t even say. “

Sam Mayer took third place, Justin Algayer fourth, and Austin Hill closed the top five.

The top 10 included Ryan Trueks, Josh Berry, Riley Herbst, AJ Olmendinger and Landon Casil.

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Stage 3

After the break between stages 2 and 3, all the cars occupying the leading laps go to the pit, and Berry on the first off-road. Kasil was fined for an uncontrolled tire, and Herbst was punished for obstructing equipment, and both had to restart from the back of the field.

Berry took the lead when the race returned to green on the 88th lap.

Berry disabled Turn 2 on a restart that sent other drivers on their backs, including Noah Gregson, Ty Gibbs, Brendan Jones and Matt Mills. Allgaier inherited leadership after the incident.

When the race returned to the green on the 95th lap, Alger was followed by Byron, Trueks, Mayer and Radzik.

Broken Gregson’s number 9 spun and crashed in the 1st turn on the 98th lap to trigger another precaution. The accident stopped Gragson’s race.

On the 104th lap the race returned to green with Algayer, followed by Byron, Mayer and Trueks.

Byron finally bypassed Algiers to take the lead in the 112th lap race for the first time.

On lap 118 Algayer spun in turn 2 with what looked like a missed rear left tire to make the eighth precaution in the race.

Most of the cars occupying the leading circles hit the pit, and Cassill became the first out of rhythm thanks to a pit stop with two tires. Austin Hill was among those who stayed away and inherited leadership.

Jones, Ryan Ellis, Casil and Byron followed Hill on the 123rd lap restart.

Ryan Zig and David Starr crashed on lap 124 to almost immediately return the race under caution.

Austin Hill remained in the lead when the race returned to green on lap 129.

In Ziga fell and crashed tire in turn 1 on the 130th lap, which brought the 10th warning in the race.

The race resumed on lap 135, and Austin Hill was still in the lead. Jones quickly bypassed Hill on a restart to take the lead for the first time in the race.

Radish passed Jones and took the lead on lap 137 just before Alex Labb drove to turn 4 on lap 138, leading to the crash of seven cars at the front. The incident also demanded that the SAFER barrier be repaired.

Several cars hit the pit and Jones was fined for speeding on the road and was forced to restart from the back of the field.

The race resumed on lap 146 with Radzik ahead, followed by Austin Hill, Byron and Olmendinger.

Stage 2

Berry held back a tough challenge with teammate Algayer to win stage 2, his third stage victory of the 2022 season.

Byron was third, Radick fourth, and Gregson closed the top five.

After the break between stages 1 and 2, most of the cars occupying the leading circles will go to the pit, and Jones – the first out of rhythm.

Berry was among the drivers who stayed away and gained the lead. At the restart on lap 47, Berry was followed by Casil and Reddick. Jones finished 17th.

On lap 57 Sheldon Creed crashed on the 4th turn to issue a fourth warning in the race. Myatt Snyder and Austin Hill made contact on the track after a warning was discovered.

The race resumed on lap 63 with Berry ahead and then Reddick and Byron.

In the five laps left on the stage, Berry held a slight advantage over Algiers, and Byron was third.

1 stage

Gregson won stage 1 with caution as CJ McLaughlin and Gibbs returned with two of the 40 laps remaining.

Algiers came in second, Almendinger came in third, Jones came in fourth and Austin Hill was in the top five.

Gregson started on the pole and took the team early, ahead of Algiers by 1.4 seconds after 15 laps.

With 20 laps left, Algiers cut Gregson’s lead by less than half a second, and Jones finished third.

Immediately after Algayer took the lead on lap 22, № 6 Ryan Vargas seemed to have lost his engine and released the fluid onto the track to issue a warning.

Most of the cars that took the lead laps remained on the track, and Algayer led the way when the race returned to green on the 31st lap. He was followed by Gregson and Jones.

Gragson came out in the lead shortly after the restart.

On lap 32 McLaughlin turned a 2 turn to return the race to caution. Daniel Hemrick also marked the wall and pit for repairs.

A number of cars are selected in the pit under protection. On lap 37, the race returned to green, and Gregson was ahead.

Among the riders who had to start the race from the rear of the field were Gibbs and Anthony Alfredo (unapproved adjustments) and Kasil (spare car).


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