Most people who drive past this house at 221 Oak Street in Natik, Massachusetts will likely never have a clue about giant garage that lies within its walls. Historians and veterans may know better because the exterior stone facade is designed to mimic the garage mechanic style of the 1930s.

From the street the facade of the building is quite simple. The central door is surrounded by appropriate windows on each side, and the driveway leads to a large single garage door on one side of the property. Those who were lucky enough to open and enter the garage door, found the dream of a car enthusiast.

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Technically it is a building / house of 3000 square meters. feet, consisting of 1,000 square feet. feet of living space for people and … the remaining 2,000 square feet. feet for their cars. Who said gear heads are not practical people?

Inside the elegantly decorated 2,000-square-foot garage there are five different parking spaces as well two-post lift for working with cars in the same way as a professional. Several workbenches, storage spaces and even a couple of tables are included in the large outdoor area and do not detract from the storage space designed for heavy metals. Needless to say, the whole space is completely heated.

Large windows let in plenty of natural light into the garage, and next to it you will find two additional rooms. The first is a simple but stylish half-bath view, and the second is a full bar with seating for four people and a large-screen TV mounted on the wall. This is the definition of a caveman motorist.

The garage of this house looks better than your house

The rest of the house includes one bedroom and 2 bathrooms

With all the attention to the garage, one can easily think that the actual residence, built on 0.3 acres of land – is a little later, but it is not. It is also equipped with classic aspects of the old school, for example retro-themed kitchen appliances and crown. Of course, it is much smaller in an apartment building of 1,000 square feet or a third of the building.

For the price for $ 1,450,000 at Hello2Boston , it has only one bedroom and one full bathroom. That’s a pretty high asking price, if not for the stunning car section, even the heated Massachusetts market. However, this can be a bit overpriced given that the new owner will need to settle for a cramped living space.

Thanks Photo by Carrie Howell for the images!

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Photo by Carrie Howell Photography

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