There was a time when motorcycles were an affordable alternative to transportation. Not so much these days. Bikes on the market can cost as much as a car. The bigger the engine and the more technology a motorcycle has, the more expensive it becomes. All is not lost if you don’t have 20, 30 or 40 grand to spend on a bike. There are some great bikes available for under $10,000. They may not have the biggest engines or the fastest bikes on the road. However, they are still fun and will get you where you need to go.


10/10 Suzuki GSX250R

Shot of a white and blue 2007 Suzuki GSX-R750

The 250R replaces the 150cc bike that came before the smallest bike in the GSXR line. Suzuki aimed to create an affordable motorcycle that was also reliable. This small bike follows industry trends by looking like a scaled-down replica of larger bikes. The twin-cylinder engine is easy to use, making it ideal for beginners. This bike is popular because of its slimmer fuel tank design that provides improved ergonomics. Those with shorter legs find it easier to put their feet on the ground. The bike also has insanely good fuel economy, making it perfect for commuting and running around town.

9/10 Kawasaki Ninja 400

As the smallest bike in the Ninja line, the 400 is the perfect bike for beginners. It’s accessible and forgiving. This bike replaces the previous 600cc models in the line up like the 250cc and 300cc. The 400cc has won tons of awards and is widely recognized as one of the best small bikes on the market. The bike is built to look like its older siblings in the lineup, but without all the weight. This makes it ideal for city driving. Because it is in high demand, this bike retains its value. This makes it easier to upgrade to a larger Ninja later.

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8/10 Yamaha R3

A shot of a blue Yamaha YZF-R3

If you love the R1 liter motorcycle and its ready-to-ride companion R7, then you should consider the R3. This smaller bike is a clone of these bigger and more powerful bikes. It has enough impact of these motorcycles to give you a lot of power. The standout features of this bike are the suspension and chassis. Yamaha has kept high quality parts so you get a performance oriented bike for a fraction of the price. This small bike is the closest to giving you the feel of a bigger bike. The riding position is more aggressive, which helps you get used to the position. This makes it easier to upgrade to a bigger bike later on.

7/10 Honda GROM

Red Honda Grom 125 Red on a white background

When GROM hit the market, it took the motorcycle industry by storm. Overnight, a whole subculture of GROM sprung up, with people customizing, racing, and creating clubs. The reason for such an explosion of popularity is the affordable price and fresh, expressive style. These are bikes for long trips. These are small bikes that are perfect for riding in city traffic. They have a large fuel tank for their size, comfortable soft flat seats and an upright riding position. This bike is just fun to ride. You can’t help but smile as you twist the throttle and feel it come to life beneath you.

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6/10 BMW G310R

A BMW G310R parked on the street through the woods.

Take a look at BMW’s lineup and you’ll find some elegant and expensive motorcycles. The G310R is an entry-level bike allowing people on a tight budget to experience BMW excellence. This bike epitomizes agility and lightness, making it feel intuitive as you slide through turns and curves. The well-thought-out ergonomics of the bike make it comfortable for city and country riding. The bike looks aggressive enough to have attitude, but shaped to look refined. However, it is not only about appearance. You inherit BMW’s build quality and performance.

5/10 KTM RC390

KTM RC390 sports bike parked in a field

Many novice riders do not understand this KTM makes more than dirt bikes and enduro bikes. However, the brand has a rich history of racing and sports motorcycles. The RC390 is a unique bike on this list because it is not designed for beginners and novices. This bike may have a low price, but its performance and features will not disappoint. It comes with many premium features like multiple engine mapping options, traction control, slipper clutch, Bosch ABS and quick gearshift. This is a bike you buy for track day fun. It has the build specs to compete with more expensive bikes.

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4/10 Suzuki SV650

Suzuki SV650 black sports bike

This is the largest motorcycle on this list. ​​​​​​While it’s a bit more expensive, it’s still well under $10,000. The SV650 is perfect for those looking for a little more power and grunt on their bike. Impressive fuel economy makes it ideal as a commuter bike. The lightweight chassis and bare design make the bike ideal for maneuvering. This bike tends to get overlooked by the competition, and that’s a shame. It’s a solid build coupled with a peppy engine. It has more low-end power and dump assist that keep you from stalling on takeoff.

3/10 Honda CB300R

A black and red Honda CB300R in a parking spot

The CB300 doesn’t attract much attention. It’s a shame because it’s a great bike for beginners on a budget. The 300R replaces the old 300F and is a discontinued 250cc motorcycle. While it’s technically more of a bare-bones roadster than a faired sportbike, it fills a void in Honda’s lineup and is heavily influenced by full-fledged sportbikes. This particular bike is small and nimble, so it’s fun to throw around. The riding position is not completely forward facing, but not upright either. It gives you a sporty feel without feeling cramped.

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2/10 Kawasaki Z400

Shot of a Kawasaki Z400 racing down the road

If the sporty design of the Ninja 400 isn’t your style, the Z is a great alternative. Its stripped-down design removes the fairings and gives you an aggressive bike look that’s perfect for cruising the streets. It has a more compact front end with more upright forks, giving you a more upright riding position. The lightweight design and low seat create an increased level of safety and stability. This bike also doesn’t come in the classic Kawasaki green, so it’s completely different from the classic Ninja. Place a few bags in the back and you’ve got yourself a perfect daily commuter that can navigate rush hour traffic.

1/10 KTM Duke 200

KTM Duke 200 naked sports bike parked.

This little bike packs a lot of punch and power. The single cylinder super modern engine with twin overhead camshafts mounted in a steel frame. This makes it ideal for getting out of the city streets and traveling on more remote roads. Unlike other bikes priced under $5,000, this bike comes with premium parts and features. For example, it has Bosch ABS, a six-speed gearbox and 17-inch alloy wheels. The stripped-down styling and aggressive design make the bike look much bigger than a 200cc. Grown men will feel comfortable and confident bending over and maneuvering around curves.