Is this a truck? Is this a roadster? Is it just a pioneer with the cosplay fetish of the 1950s? Clearly confusing Chevy SSR all of these things that could explain why he bombed, despite making his debut in the car market in the early 2000s, still obsessed with retro design.

The clear lack of firepower under the hood to support the hot rod’s readiness didn’t help. The first cars came with a manual 5.3-liter Vortex V8, which developed only 300 liters. Realizing its mistake, GM has upgraded the SSR to the 6.0-liter LS2 V8 found in cars llike the C6 Corvette in 2005, an additional 90 liters.

But this was not enough to save the USSR. GM preserved its retro-mass in 2006, selling just 24,000 units, though a quick look at eBay shows that today you won’t have a hard time finding it. At the time of writing on the auction site there were 30 of them with prices below $ 15,000, but you will need to lay out much closer to $ 46,400, which is the SSR that can be seen in these photos. this particular purple truck home.

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As a 2004 model, she left the factory too early to benefit from this LS engine update, but instead it is a flawless story that shows that he covered only 1105 miles (1775 km) in the hands of one owner. Or that master just never found the time to drive the USSRor he bought it and preserved it, thinking that one day it would cost a fortune, the list is not clear, but since the Florida dealer who sells it is asking $ 37,995 and obviously paid the original owner thousands less for this, he certainly did not earn money.

The only thing that is clear is that anyone looking for an SSR will struggle to find a better one. The leather interior looks fresh, as does the wood-trimmed back deck ($ 895 option if new), and this ultraviolet color scheme is perhaps much cooler than the reds and yellows you normally see on these trucks. That’s almost enough to wonder if people were a little harsh on the USSR two decades ago. Hey, we said almost.

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