It cannot be denied that BMW The XM is a controversial vehicle in many ways. In addition to the huge full-size SUV now being the only stand-alone BMW M model and a spiritual successor (heavy species) M1, the design of the vehicle itself has generated a lot of opinion. Now the controversy continues only with this XM, which is finished in bright Sao Paolo Yellow.

As we can see in these photos of our friend Cole Marzen on Instagram as well as videos from people in the BMW BlogThe XM’s ostentatious design, with its squinting headlights, gaping grille, sweeping taillights and trapezoidal tailpipes, is made even bolder by the neon yellow shade it’s painted. That said, it’s worth noting that the Sao Paolo Yellow won’t be available to order until next summer.

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But as controversial a vehicle as the XM is, BMW M’s CEO actually made a pretty solid case for its existence. In an interview with AutoblogFrank van Meel compared the XM to an equally daring super SUV: the Lamborghini Urus.

Sure, the XM’s design may be a bit more custom than the Urus, but they’re both aggressive, performance V8 SUVs with more than 600 hp. (608 hp / 447 kW). And as much as enthusiasts love to hate the Urus, it’s a Lamborghini the fastest selling model. After all, these companies are businesses that need to make money, so we can certainly see how XM makes sense for BMW, at least from a financial standpoint.

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Thanks to Cole Martzen for sharing his images with us!