The BMW XM was a very polarizing vehicle for the brand. After all, BMW’s M division has always been known for its performance offerings, but the latest autonomous M car you’d expect from them is yet another SUV, not a true successor M1 1970s supercar. But if the XM is your cup of tea, the idea of ​​painting it in a bright color like Sao Paulo Yellow might tickle your fancy.

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The bright yellow paint makes it even more polarizing

The front end of the 2023 BMW XM in Sao Paulo Yellow

Those in the “XM lovers” camp will most likely appreciate this brightly colored SUV. These photos that came from BMW blogshow off the XM in one of BMW M’s signature colors. Sao Paulo Yellow is the main color of the M4and of course the color works well in cars that are very underwhelming in terms of design.


The rear of the 2023 BMW XM in Sao Paulo Yellow

This particular XM was also fitted with the Extended Shadow Line package, which replaces the bronze or gold elements with black ones. For many, the XM looks better with black elements. On the other hand, the vibrant nature of the color provides a stunning contrast to those aforementioned black finishes. It also somehow makes the grille look less bulky as it now matches the blacked-out lower front bumper.

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XM will continue to sell like hotcakes

The rear of the 2023 BMW XM in Sao Paulo Yellow

It’s easy to criticize BMW M for creating yet another SUV instead of an autonomous sports car for the division’s 50th anniversary, but at the end of the day, the German luxury carmaker is still a business. It is not surprising that SUVs are sold today, not supercars The XM is the car that will keep BMW afloat.

“If you look at the biggest, most important and fastest-growing segment today, it’s clearly the SUV segment,” BMW M CEO Frank van Meel said months before the XM’s launch. “And, compared to other manufacturers, we still lacked that expressive luxury flagship at the top of the M.”

BMW has really given the XM the engine it deserves. Aim straight at Lamborghini Urus SMated to a transmission-mounted electric motor, the XM’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 produces a total of 644 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. Even more powerful XM Red Label on its way, and pushes out 738 horses and 735 lb-ft of torque.