• To dodge brings back the GLH (Goes Like Hell) moniker for the 2023 Hornet crossover.
  • The name was originally used for the 1980s Omni hot hatch.
  • The GLH package includes a lowered suspension, upgraded exhaust and visual enhancements.

    Dodge raises the sporty angle for the new 2023 Hornet and now says it will offer the GLH package, which includes several performance upgrades for the SUV. This title, which stands for “Goes Like Hell”, is a tribute to Hot hatchback Omni GLH since the 1980s. Dealer-installed upgrades will be sold through the Dodge Direct Connection parts program. The car you see pictured here is the Hornet GLH concept and is meant to show what’s possible when you add all the goodies.

    Available on the Hornet GT, which has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, optional GLH components include a suspension kit that lowers the SUV more than an inch, an upgraded exhaust, 20-inch wheels, and a host of stripes and GLH logos. Dodge hasn’t yet said how much extra horsepower the exhaust system will add, but expect a bit more than the standard car’s 265 horsepower.

    We also don’t know the pricing for these extras yet, but Dodge says the GLH upgrades will be “overhead,” meaning you’ll likely be able to add one, some, or all of these options to your Hornet. We assume the GLH package will be fully included if you want everything. Direct Connection parts will be covered under your vehicle’s warranty if you have them installed by a specialty dealer that Dodge calls a “Power Broker.” Eventually, Direct Connection will also offer performance parts for the more powerful Hornet R/T hybrid model, but we don’t know the details about those yet.

    Look for more information on the GLH upgrade later this year, as the Hornet GT is set to arrive in dealerships in December.

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