This price increase sees the Lightning Pro rise from $48,769 to $53,769. The new price is a staggering $12,000 higher than it was at launch for the 2022 model year. The price increase only affects Lightning Pro models, the entry-level version that has an estimated range of 230 miles. It’s also worth noting that Lightning Pro reservations made before the price increase will not be affected, so if you’re lucky enough to make a reservation earlier this week, you’ve saved $5,000.

Prices for other Lightning models have not increased in 2023. The XLT model, which is one step above the Pro, still costs $61,769. All Lightning models also include the Ford Home Charger, a $500 option that cannot be canceled in Ford’s Lightning Configurator. Lariat models still start at $76,769, while top-spec Platinum models (which include an extended-range battery that’s optional on all other trims) still have a base MSRP of $98,219 dollars.

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