The Renault 4, introduced in 1961, was the world’s first production hatchback and the French company’s first front-wheel drive family car. The model remained in production until 1994, during which time more than 8 million units were sold in more than 100 countries. According to Renault, the 4 was “as comfortable in the city as it is in the countryside, and versatile – you can drive it to work and on long trips, use it to transport goods and more”. As a tribute to the 4, Renault unveiled the 4EVER Trophy concept at the 2022 Paris Motor Show. The concept follows 5 prototypesand this is further evidence that the company is preparing for an all-electric future.


The Renault 4 Trophy reveals the future all-electric B-segment SUV

2022 Renault 4EVER Trophy Concept

The Renault 4 Trophy showcases an all-electric B-segment SUV that will go on sale in 2025. The new concept is named after the humanitarian rally 4L Trophy, which passes through the Moroccan desert and celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023. The upcoming SUV will be built on the same CMF-BEV platform as the upcoming all-electric Renault 5 and will be manufactured at ElectriCity in northern France. The company claims that the new platform provides “the best performance in terms of range, acoustics and road behavior without compromising on design.”

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Compact size, powerful look

2022 Renault 4EVER Trophy Concept

The new 4EVER Trophy Concept is built on a 101.18-inch (2,570-millimeter) wheelbase and measures 163.7-inch (4,160-millimeter) long, 76.7-inch (1,950-millimeter) wide, and 74.80-inch (1,900-millimeter) tall. height. It has a ground clearance of 7.87 inches. According to Renault, the production version will have same market positioning as Capturso far the production version Renault 5 will be the electric equivalent of the compact Clio.

The exterior of the concept is clearly inspired by the original 4L. Up front, there’s a prominent hood that ends with a black-painted rectangular grille that also wraps around the round headlights. The bumpers, the trapezoidal side windows with rounded corners, the front wings, the rear and the fenders located on the wheel arches all pay homage to the original car. The concept is finished in Gun Metal Silver paint, combined with a carbon fiber roof, 19-inch wheels and a futuristic design. The concept is equipped with a carbon fiber trunk with LED lights that houses the spare tire, shovel and waffle boards.

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250 miles of range

2022 Renault 4EVER Trophy Concept

Renault did not reveal any specifications of the 4EVER Trophy concept, but Motor1 reports that its all-electric engine will deliver a total of 134 horsepower. The engine is powered by a 42kWh battery pack that provides a range of 250 miles. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in about nine seconds. We don’t expect the production version to look anything like this concept, but it certainly shows Renault’s all-electric future.

2022 Renault 4EVER Trophy Concept