Tank cushion edge sticker

Who is B IKE mark

We are experts in imaginative and current promoting procedures and 3D stickers. At first, we managed exchanging and circulation of merchandise through the Web. In 2006 shop.tankpad-felgenrandaufkleber.de extended their  deals with items and have been fabricating them ourselves starting around 2007.

The development of 3D stickers, which are additionally called doming stickers, happens totally in-house. From the realistic creation , the printing to the covering, the client gets a result of the greatest quality. We can ensure this on the grounds that the total creation is finished by us.

Edge bed and edge stickers

Edge bed stickers and edge stickers are a recent fad and are accessible in many variety blends. Furthermore, we offer edge bed and edge stickers in individual variety variations . So you can plan your bike as indicated by your own thoughts.

Customization made simple

With straightforward means and absent a lot of exertion, you can switch your cruiser into a genuine oddball that knows how to intrigue with its appearance and the different plan components.

 Tank cushions from Bicycle mark

The fundamental justification behind utilizing tank cushions is obviously to safeguard the tank paintwork. Contingent upon how you ride, zips or fastens on the cruiser mix can scratch the paintwork and make apparent imprints on a superficial level. Such scratches can be effortlessly forestalled with appropriate cushions from Bicycle name . The tank cushions from Bicycle mark hold very well on the tank without going after the paintwork with the glue, yet can likewise be effortlessly taken out without leaving any buildup whenever wanted. This not just makes it simpler to settle on such cushions, obviously likewise makes it conceivable to change and supplant the cushions over the long haul without any problem.

Track down the right plan for your own cruiser

Bicycle mark draws no lines for the plan of the tank cushions . Notwithstanding an enormous and very much arranged determination of themes, you can undoubtedly have your own plan changed into a tank cushion at Bicycle mark . The determination of the theme relies exclusively upon your taste and perhaps at the same time on the shade of your bike.

On account of cutting edge innovation, basically all themes and pictures can be effortlessly moved to the tank cushions. Make your cruiser a genuine feature and eye-catcher with the right theme and just express your singular taste with the shapely tank cushions from Bicycle name .

Why use tank cushions and knee cushions?

Tank cushions and knee cushions on cruiser tanks have changed from rubber treated tank insurance to plan components. You can likewise see the kneepads on the tanks of bikes on more seasoned machines. All the while with the visual frivolity, they safeguard the contact surface from scratches and harm to the paintwork.

With the improvement of tank sacks, half-surface bison tanks and the advancement of new cruiser plans, the open doors for paint harm have expanded. The biker’s chest area, clothing or biker hardware rub against the tank while riding and harm the important paintwork. Consequently, increasingly large regions on the tank are concealed with tank cushions. Kneepads are likewise utilized on the mid control area of vehicles, which have an embellishing and defensive capability simultaneously.

Edge stickers and edge bed stickers

Edge edge bed sticker

Tank cushions and knee cushions are as of now far and wide today and, notwithstanding their paint-safeguarding properties, are likewise so well known due to their appearance. Be that as it may, the recent fad is called: edge stickers! They are additionally called rimstripes or edge stickers thus far they are basically known from motorsport. Presently they are additionally exceptionally famous for private vehicles. They are extremely simple to connect to the edges and promptly give the cruiser or vehicle a singular look. At Bicycle mark you can now get the popular stickers in various variations. We offer many got done and adjustable plans in 2D and 3D for every single normal edge.

Edge stickers UNI tones, reflex, neon and 3D style

Clever impact with edge stickers in various varieties UNI, reflex, neon tones and 3D style. Unending plan prospects – exemplary, GP style, honeycomb, hustling stripes and substantially more. The edge stripes not just look stylish on the bike, they offer wellbeing and style in one.

Extensive variety of varieties and impacts

Is it true that you are searching for that specific something for your cruiser or vehicle? Then, at that point, our edge stickers in 2D and 3D are perfect for you. Browse our large number of varieties and themes and change your 0815 bicycle into an amazing eye-catcher in a matter of moments by any means. Whether stylish neon tones, lively plans in GP style, intelligent impacts or straightforward, monochrome models – you will find the right wheel edge stickers for your vehicle with us.