ADVISSa leader in advanced braking technology and a member AISIN Group companies, from May 2022 produces a new packaging design for its products.

This push for rebranding for the ADVICS product line is worth it brand changes announced by AISIN Group in the third quarter of 2021.

“ADVICS customers have learned and trusted the quality engineering, precision manufacturing and customer satisfaction that are included in all of our products,” said Fumiko Higa Bales, Brand and Supply Chain Manager, ADVICS Aftermarket North America. “The new packaging design is bold and truly stands out from the competition, as is our brand and its commitment to the quality, performance and safety of our customers.”

The new packaging and brand will gradually roll out to market as old inventory breaks down.

“Products under the old brand, logo and packaging will continue to be on the shelves for some time as we work through the transition,” said Larrow Kaufman, senior sales and marketing manager at Aisin Aftermarket North America. the packaging will determine the timing of a full return to the new branding. ”

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