For many beginners, development can be a scary occupation. Weights can be heavy, you need to know a few movements, and if you misjudge how much weight you can move, you can easily completely devastate your interest – or worse, injure yourself.

But what if there was an easier and more affordable way to get a solid workout without the intimidation factor? What if finding the right weight was simplified to the color scheme? Resistance bands may be exactly the answer you are looking for.

Lightweight and versatile resistance strips can be a great tool for any workout. These cost-effective tapes can be easily stored in exercise bag or closet, and can be a positive addition to any stretching, strength training, mobility or recovery session. But not every group will immediately lead you to success in fitness. To help you choose which tape is right for you, here are our top picks of the best workout bandages on the market today.

The benefits of training with resistance

Adding resistance bands to your regular workout has a number of benefits. First, the simulators are easy to store and do not take up much space, such as a full set of weights or a rack with dumbbells. This can be great for those who live in cramped spaces, or for people who are constantly on the road.

In addition, resistance bands can be durable tools to improve mobility and flexibility. Due to the light profile and variety of intensity, many athletes turn to resistance tapes for stretching exercises. The tension provided can help activate the muscles, which also makes them great devices for warming up.

Due to the low impact of strength training workouts bandages can also be an easy way to relax comfortably in the gym. Regardless of your skill level, you can start learning general movements and exercises without fear of overloading a barbell or exercise machine. Low-resistance workouts can also be a good solution for seniors who want to stay active but can no longer stretch the bench or squat as much as possible.

Finally, strength training can be a positive way to mix workouts. You can add resistance bands to a number of your favorite exercises for an extra sense of difficulty. Powered by weight training? Include a resistance band for the updated session. Do you need help with perfection pull-ups? Resistance bands can help you raise the bar – or, for that matter, your body weight.

Types of resistance bands

Before you start training with resistance, you need to understand what different types of exercises are available to you. In fact, there are three styles to choose from:

  • Strips of tubes
  • Loop strips
  • Strips of letter

    Pipe strips are rounded pieces of rubber or latex that act similarly to cable machines. Often combined with a handle or carabiner, these resistance strips can provide a number of ways to target multiple muscle groups, especially those that offer other gripping accessories such as ankle cuffs or door anchors.

    Loop tapes are essentially giant rubber bands that vary in thickness depending on the resistance offered. Ideal for upper and lower body workouts, clasps can be a versatile addition to any activity. There are even mini-loop ribbons, which – as the name implies – are smaller than traditional stripes with loops. These minis can be conveniently placed around the lower body as a great option for exercises on the buttocks, hamstrings or thighs.

    Sheet tapes resemble rubber or latex tape and provide the least resistance. These low-impact strips can be great for physiotherapy and are easy to attach to a number of anchor points. We prefer the resistance band in the form of a sheet for stretching and activating muscles before a workout, but we recommend options with tubes or loops for more traditional workouts.

    As we tested

    Ben Eminger

    Over the course of a few weeks, we added the following resistance band kits to our regular fitness programs, even changing some of our regular free weight exercises to resistance band alternatives. Features such as versatility and usefulness, as well as how the strips are compared to our traditional training regimen were considered. Some were excellent for a variety of modalities, while others succumbed to more specialized exercises. After all, these were the best exercise strips that stretched our workouts to unprecedented heights.

    The best bands of total resistance


    The original gorilla bow

    Gorilla onions

    $ 199.99

    • The closest alternative to traditional barbell exercises
    • Can consist of up to four bands for different resistance intensities
    • Fixed only on the nose mount
    • The original model does not break for more convenient storage

    With the original Gorilla Bow bow you can easily achieve your fitness goals. Resistance strips, reminiscent of a traditional longbow, are stretched through an aviation aluminum bow, withstanding up to 300 pounds of tension. The original Gorilla Bow can hold up to four of the tubes provided, making it easy to change the intensity of each exercise.

    We really enjoyed how similar each movement is to traditional barbell exercises, making this set of resistance bands clearly outstanding in testing. While the original model doesn’t break for easier storage, Gorilla Bow offers a Travel version for those who want that convenience. The brand also offers a variety of band packages, opening up even more opportunities for resistance training for dedicated enthusiasts.

    The best resistance bands upgrade


    A set of Bodylastics resistance bands


    $ 59.97

    • Lots of accessories to increase versatility
    • Patented clip design prevents hanging upside down or locking with nylon tape
    • The cuffs on the ankles can be smaller for less movement if they are not tense
    • The door anchor may not be suitable for all designs

    If you’re looking for a traditional lamp resistance kit, we might not recommend Bodylastics anymore. Each kit comes with a range of accessories, but for the complete package we recommend a set of six ranges that includes two heavy handles, two heavy ankle straps, one small anchor anywhere and one heavy-duty door anchor.

    Each tape includes a patented internal cord system for added security – in case of accident does snap – as well as a unique carbine system that helps the compound stay unhindered during training. Each band lists its true resistance level, so although math included a little more, we liked the accurate measurements, which gave a more accurate reflection of the intensity.

    The best bands of budget resistance


    TRX Bandit set


    $ 49.95

    • The handles can be used with any resistance band
    • A travel-ready profile that is great for on-the-go workouts
    • The handles could be stronger
    • Only four resistance bands included

    Quality resistance bands are already a more economical alternative to conventional fitness equipment, but for those who have additional Given the price, the TRX Bandit kit provides a lot of training in a wallet-friendly profile. This kit includes four resistance bands – two strength bands of 5-15 pounds and two strength bands of 15-30 pounds – which are easily inserted into two open handles.

    Although plastic can benefit from a little more strength, we found that the handles provide excellent grip thanks to non-slip rubber. We also appreciated how the open design allows you to change distances and capture methods. If you have other hinges, you can even use Bandit handles with them – provided they fit into an open case.

    The best resistance bands for pull-ups


    Resistance bands

    Life Fit

    $ 69.99

    • A thick profile is great for helping body weight
    • Stability up to 200 pounds
    • Resistance is not marked on the strips
    • Thicker strips can be difficult to hold

    Do you want your resistance bands to be of some help in body weight exercises such as pull-ups or pull-ups? You will need an exercise bar that will be a little thicker and longer to accommodate these movements. The resistance bands offered by Living Fit do just that. 0.5 to 3.2 inches wide these “powerful ranges” can easily help you go through these workouts with body weight as well as a wide range of other modalities.

    Loop strips are very reminiscent of the silhouette of a traditional rubber band, and we really liked their effectiveness when warming up for heavier strength training. We tested a full set of six ranges, but to be honest, an available set of four ranges can provide more resistance to typical gym visitors. Living Fit also offers a lifetime warranty, but durability is very much present, so we’re not sure if you’ll ever need to take advantage of this handy bonus.

    The best mini resistance bands


    Initial buckle set


    $ 45.00

    • The buckle makes it easy to put on and take off the band
    • The 24-inch circle is great for lower body workouts
    • The seams where the tape meets the buckle may wear over time
    • Only mini-bands are available, there are no other options at the moment

    With smaller mini-strips putting them in position can be quite difficult. With the Buckleband starter kit it’s as simple as tapping on a seat belt. The initial Buckleband set with a buckle that connects at the front is great for a flexible lower body workout. Clicking on the routine was easy enough, and through countless steps aside, monster moves and other movements we didn’t feel that security had been compromised.

    The starter kit includes four bands of varying intensity, allowing you to perform a wide range of load levels. As you take a step, the silicone tape tightens where it meets the buckle, which can be a weakness as the accessory ages.

    Best resistance bands for light weight


    A set of resistance strips


    $ 13.99

    • The compact design folds easily for easy storage
    • Ideal for restoration or stretching
    • Not ideal for more intense activities
    • If these strips are tightly clamped, the deployment of these strips can be unpleasant

    Offering a range of intensity and colors in a comfortable, non-latex design, TheraBand Resistance Bands provide convenient versatility for those who want to improve their light workouts. These thin, tape-like accessories are easy to hook or attach to the structure and have enough stability to promote a good combination of muscle groups and joints.

    TheraBand resistance bands can also be an effective recovery tool for those who have serious injuries, or athletes who facilitate a return to training. Resistance is present but not as intense as other band options or exercises. While there are other options we turn to when creating a full-scale workout, the sheets offered by TheraBand are a convenient option for storage in a gym or sports bag if traditional stretching just doesn’t help.

    Bring this moment back into your workout and adopt a new workout regimen with these most popular resistance bands. From easy stretching help to full-fledged workouts you can really stretch your training potential with any of the options you see here.

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