The beta version of Tesla’s fully automatic control (FSD) software has had a difficult life. Aside from a number of accidents that drivers blame for this, they have been dispute over its design features. Now the new update aims to significantly improve and increase the level of confidence in the system.

While this may seem troublesome at first, imagine that you are making a turn with a driver who is unsure whether he can even safely make a turn. FSD 10.12 aims to address this issue by more accurately forecasting the situation and increasing vehicle speed through turns, among others.

In addition, Tesla seems to have addressed a number of serious issues and annoying issues related to the previous version. Phantom braking seems even better, as the change log mentions “False slowdown associated with reduced traffic control.”

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This small change will make many Tesla owners happier, but the list is expanding beyond that shift. For example, much more detailed visualization of vehicles on the driver’s information display. Instead of simple shapes, the vast majority of vehicles have deeper details.

The vehicles on display showcase a number of new features. Tesla drivers will not only get an indication when other drivers are applying the brakes or using turn signals, but they will also know when other cars have their doors open. Previously, Tesla cars automatically did their best to go around the open door, but now it will become clearer why their car can change lanes at the moment.

Overall, this update is intended to improve the update Full ability to self-manage predict things happening around him. The software can better evaluate things that are both near and far, which, in theory, should make it safer and smoother. Of course, there is no guarantee as to how safe or smooth this will be in practice.

At the moment, Full Self Driving 10.12 is only available to Tesla employees, which is standard practice at the moment. However, we expect that sooner rather than later, it will appear for regular users.

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