The final day of action in the inaugural California 300 kicked off Saturday morning with the Junior UTV World Championship races, consisting of four separate short-course rounds at Barstow. Dozens of talented young riders filled the entry lists, with some riders even pulling double duty as they sought to become the first winners in the new event’s history.

Jackson Mandle opened the competition by scoring points in the Youth 170 Open and winning the overall, beating second place Landon Morrow by more than 20 seconds over 14 laps. Dexter Warren led 170 production competitors in the combined race. The margin of victory became even closer in the Youth 250 race as Paxton Schendel beat Jacob Williamson by 13 seconds as the only two leaders in the 25-minute time trial.


Schendel came back right after that in the Youth 570 race, leading both the Open and the overall as the sole lead lap; second overall Evan Atkins was the best production record in the race. Finally, in the youth 1000, Chase Mankin took the win over Chadden Zane Minder, with Mason Cotter rounding out the podium.


“Youth racing is a very important part of off-road racing, and we are thrilled to have such a great turnout for the inaugural California 300,” said California 300 CEO Matt Martelli. “We have no doubt that the children who participated in today’s races will be the winners of the limited and unlimited classes tomorrow. Congratulations to all the class winners and thank you to everyone who took part – you are helping our sport stay strong for the future!”


Live streaming of the California 300 is available all weekend at The site includes real-time timing and tracking, results of completed races, PCI Race Radios’ Weatherman feed and more.


For the first time, the California 300 continues into the afternoon as Unlimited Trucks, Class 1 and many of the sport’s most powerful classes are on the road. Be sure to visit for the full schedule and information on how to watch, and follow @thecalifornia300 on social media for live updates throughout the event.