Shanghai (Gazgu) – China-based Mercedes-Benz EQE will debut on June 16, Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. recently reported. (“BBAC”), a joint venture between BAIC Motor and German premium carmaker.

EQE will be the first model of a fully electric sedan made in China, built on a special platform EVA (Electric Vehicle Architecture) from Merdeces-Benz. It is noteworthy that it will be a four-million car under the brand name Mercedes-Benz, manufactured by the BBAC.

Mercedes-Benz EQE made in China; photo: MIIT

According to patent images published by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”), EQE’s exterior design still matches the version sold outside of China. At the front it has LED headlights that flow into a large closed grille.

The side profile is characterized by a smooth roof line and a double-waisted design that emphasizes the length of the car.

The Chinese Mercedes-Benz EQE will be unveiled in mid-June

Mercedes-Benz EQE made in China; photo: MIIT

Behind is a ducktail spoiler combined with taillights that provide a fairly flawless look.

Made in China, EQE has a length of 4969 mm, a width of 1906 mm and a height of 1509 mm, and the wheelbase is 3120 mm.

The automaker has passed to MIIT only information about the power of the EQE 350. The version will be equipped with an electric motor on the rear axle, which can pump 215 kW and 530 N · m of torque.

On May 23, a new generation Mercedes-Benz battery of local production officially left the assembly line of the BBAC battery plant, paving the way for mass production of a fully electric EQE.

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