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The concept study explores the possibility of hydrogen transmission based on platform, package and performance


Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) and Viritech have appreciated the new hydrogen transmission concept. Viritech has received a grant for a feasibility study for a niche vehicle network funded by the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles to investigate the development of a hydrogen transmission for niche applications of Mono-based vehicles from BAC, which the two firms invented e-Mono. The goal of BAC and Viritech is to preserve the basic characteristics of the original Mono and the spirit of driving.

One of the main challenges of integrating the 555kg Mono supercar with zero-emission engine technology has been maintaining its ultra-light weight – especially since switching to an electric battery can make it 50% heavier. In addition, the vehicle still needed to be mobile and responsive on corners. Another major difficulty was the installation of the transmission in the existing chassis and body. It was also stated that the e-Mono had to reach the same lap time at Silverstone as the Mono R, if not better.

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