The Paris Motor Show is usually home to some funky creations, and the Dacia Manifesto concept is no exception. First impressions suggest we’re looking at a Dacia Dune Godbut there are many intriguing things about this car.

First, it is electric and has four-wheel drive. Dacia says it’s designed for off-road driving with a body built to withstand bumps and high ground clearance. By controlling it, you are as close to the elements as possible. No doors, no windows, no windshield. The interior is completely waterproof, which means you can wash it with a hose. However, think twice before doing this at night, as seat covers double as sleeping bags.

Dacia says a single headlight is all the car needs to light the way at night, and when you’re done driving, it can be removed to use as a camping light. There’s no big infotainment system here, because instead of a built-in screen, Dacia uses a “Bring Your Own Device” system that allows you to mount a mobile phone on the dashboard and fully integrate it with the car’s on-board computer. .

Detachable battery the pack can come out of the car when you camp overnight to provide power via a household outlet – no word on car-to-cargo charging as Pro Power on-board system from Fordhowever.

Manifesto’s design uses environmentally friendly materials. All the main plastic parts of the case contain a recycled material called Starkle – it inherently creates a speckle effect. The interior dashboard and steering wheel use cork. The concept’s airless tires are fitted and are marked as ‘puncture resistant’ to ensure you don’t need to replace them. In addition, Dacia claims that the light and streamlined design makes it an efficient electric car, although no figures are given.

If you were hoping to see a Dacia-branded car like this on sale soon, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Dacia says it’s not a future model, and instead calls the Manifesto “a statement that the brand is committed to supporting customers as they become even more passionate about the outdoors.” So, enjoy the concept, but look elsewhere for your electric buggy needs.

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