The growth of the electric motorcycle market has allowed for a new design language that has very little to do with traditional motorcycle aesthetics and everything to do with rewriting the rule book, with varying degrees of success. In addition, most electric motorcycle designs focus on practicality and provide urban transportation. However, there are a few new brands whose sole intention seems to be about fun and excitement, even if they are still plowing their furrow in terms of looks. The Davinci DC100 and DC100 Classic are prime examples.


5/5 Do you want torque? Lots of torque? Look no further

The Davinci DC100 boasts more power than any other electric bike

Everyone knows that electric motors are complete torque monsters, where every last drop is available from the stand and does not stop until the limit of the main gear is reached. Although even the most common electric scooters boast impressive initial acceleration, we’re willing to bet that the Davinci DC100 and DC Classic have set a new benchmark in this regard. how? Well, if we told you that the Davinci DC100 has an electric motor that makes….wait for it…..627 lb-ft (850 Nm) of torque, would you be able to imagine the acceleration available? Perhaps firing up the afterburner on a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird might give the same kick in the back, but we’re also willing to bet that the Davinci DC100 is a lot cheaper and likely more affordable to the average person. To put that number in context, the Kawasaki H2R makes 121.7 lb-ft and the Ford GT makes 500 lb-ft! The time measurement is not small enough to describe the 0-60 mph acceleration!

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4/5 What is the range of this electric motorcycle?

Davinci claims the DC100’s range exceeds 200 miles

It’s all very well to have the performance of a 1000cc sport bike. Now, we all know that manufacturer numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, but sometimes that’s all we have left. Davinci claims a range of 223 miles on a single charge, but doesn’t say if that’s in the city or on the open highway. This number, by the way, is calculated using the World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). By comparison, NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) figures put the DC100’s range at 249 miles. Choose!

The DC100 Classic is stripped down, but still ugly

As with most electric cars, if you’re going to be using full power all the time, such as on the track, we suspect the range will be much less, but as that’s hardly the type of driving that the DC100 and DC100 Classic do. be subjected to, so the reality in combined driving is likely to be in the 150 mile range. Davinci also claims a 15-minute charge time to 85 percent battery capacity and just 30 minutes for a 100 percent charge with a Level 3 charger.

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3/5 A robot on two wheels, says the manufacturer

Davinci DC100 and DC100 Classic release image

Davinci describes the DC100 as a “robot on two wheels”, thanks to a range of electronic sensors designed to maximize rider safety. The company claims that the DC100 and DC100 Classic have more than 1,000 computer chips and 200 sensors to track information about the environment, the vehicle’s driving condition, road conditions, battery and engine temperature, lean angle and so on. The battery and motor are temperature-controlled to ensure maximum efficiency, while a six-axis EMU (Electronic Measurement Unit) controls pitch, roll angle and yaw, working in tandem with ABS and traction control. E-bikes, which are known for their instant throttle response, can catch the unwary when moving from a standstill. The DC100 and DC100 Classic have a system called Driving Assistance. Pressing “D” (for “Drive”) automatically accelerates the bike to about four miles per hour before releasing full power.

The Davinci DC100 Classic is a naked hyper rocket

There’s also hill hold control when the bike is pointed uphill, and it all works when it’s facing down, allowing a level of control that many riders will be unfamiliar with. By releasing the brakes, the bike will be controlled to crawl forward by applying the equivalent of engine braking when turning down and engine power when turning uphill. Brakes are linked front and rear and only require a push on the front brake lever, and perhaps as a nod to the weight of electric bikes, there’s a reverse gear. There’s an energy recovery system that recharges the battery when you’re decelerating and braking, which isn’t unusual in the e-bike world, but what’s new is the ability to mount your smartphone on the top triple clamp so it can be used as a dashboard. . Software updates can also be downloaded over the air directly to the bike.

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2/5 Choose your taste: modern or classic


Lined and bare Davinci DC100 models

When the Davinci DC100 was announced in 2021, it was a futuristic-looking machine with a body that resembled the fairing of a sports bike, even though it had an upright riding position and exposed single headlight of a quirky design. Sure, it looked like nothing else, but the styling still felt familiar, mostly because of the wheels, which, perhaps to the designers’ disappointment, remained resolutely round. However, before the DC100 went on sale, a second model was announced, the DC100 Classic, which chose not to hide either the aluminum case that houses the battery or the electric motor.

There’s a super trendy brown leather quilted seat and a console seat and steering wheel that zips up to give a sportier driving position.

Davinci claims the DC100 will soon self-balance and drive

Whichever model you choose, there’s nothing “classic” about the suspension and brake components. Brembo Monobloc calipers provide the strongest and safest braking performance, while Showa handles suspension duties. Pirelli handles grippy bits.

1/5 Who needs to drive? The DC100 will soon be able to drive itself

Davinci DC100 night street shot

Looking to the future, Davinci claims that DC100 models will be able to self-balance with electric power steering, which will have a six-axis EMU to relay information about aspects of the bike. In addition to this, the motorcycle will eventually be able to drive itself to a predetermined destination set by the rider. DaVinci says the bike can be your “running partner!” One last thing: in the future, Davincis will come with a remote control connected to the Davinci motor app to enable new features such as automatic parking and remote calling! This is the equivalent of whistling your dog to come to you!