Duku, a product design consulting firm in Cheltenham, England, specializing in EV infrastructure, presented what I claimed was the UK’s first charger designed for older drivers and drivers with disabilities.

Patented features include a motorized cable drum for automatically folding and unwinding the cable using buttons mounted on the plug.

The fault-tolerant base protects the device from damage without the need to insert anti-collision obstacles.

The charger is also designed to be clearly visible through a payment interface that does not use touch screens or an app. The fast charger with a capacity of 7-22 kW is said to be ideal for residential streets or parking lots, and the plug and play system allows you to install in less than 10 minutes.

Duku developed the charger eight months after receiving funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and Innovate UK in July 2021. Live tests of the product took place in Dundee, Scotland, in March and received “very positive feedback from a wide range of users.”

Director Andrew Aylesbury said: “Our study found problems that people had; including the need to use two hands and reach these collision barriers. Now everything is contactless, easy, the obstacles are gone. After all, it is the best charging point for everyone, regardless of disability. ”

Now the final development is underway, the designer is planning production and installation.

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