• The SP51 is a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive V-12 speedster that borrows heavily from the 812 GTS, with which it shares chassis, engine and layout.
  • Based on the 1955 Ferrari 410 S, the SP51 livery features blue and white stripes running the length of the car, inside and out.
  • Ferrari has not disclosed the price of this unique car.

To be able to purchase a new one ferrari, you have to be extremely rich. To purchase a specially designed one-off Ferrari from the exclusive Ferrari Special Projects department? This is serious money. The latest car built by the special projects team at Maranello is a V-12 speedster called the SP51, which shares the layout, engine and chassis with 812 GTS.

While the 812 GTS features a convertible and gives the driver’s ears unobstructed access to the screaming V-12 under the hood, the SP51 forgoes the roof entirely. Working in tandem with the client to realize their vision, Ferrari tested the SP51 using simulators and in the wind tunnel to ensure maximum comfort in the car. The front of the car has been redesigned and features unique headlights that are shorter and much less angled than the 812 GTS. The front bumper is unique with a more aggressive grille design and front splitter. Behind each front wheel is a boomerang-style carbon blade.


The structural similarities between the rear of the SP51 and the 812 GTS end with the taillights and quad exhaust systems. The SP51 features twin flying buttresses joined by a carbon fiber spoiler that sits just behind the cockpit and slopes down either side towards the rear wheel arches. The uniqueness continues with the wheels, designed specifically for the SP51, which feature a diamond-cut finish.

According to Ferrari, the SP51 refers to the blue and white livery it wears 1955 Ferrari 410 S. The one-off version features the same blue and white stripes that run the length of the car. The base color for the SP51 is called Rosso Passionale, was specially designed for the car. The tri-color scheme makes its way into the car’s interior, where red Alcantara is accented with blue and white stitching. As you would expect from a sports car of this scale, carbon fiber plays a large role in the body as well as the interior of the car. A small ‘Ferrari SP51 one of a kind’ plaque is embedded in the carbon trim between the seats and serves as a reminder to owners just how special their Ferrari is.

ferrari sp51


No power figures were offered and Ferrari did not mention any mechanical changes to the car. While we didn’t do a full test of the 812 GTS, we did test the 812 Superfast, which hit 60 mph in a blistering 2.8 seconds. We also had the opportunity to review the 812 GTS, in which editor-in-chief Tony Quiroga commented that the $404,494 starting price makes more sense given the dualities it possesses. In keeping with its historically protective stance regarding its customers’ privacy, Ferrari hasn’t given us the slightest clue as to how much this one-off cost. Rest assured, it was much more than the car’s list price.

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