Over the last six months, there have been several Genesis models on my road, including the GV80, about which I will quickly share my observations. Each of them made the neighbors, who know what my job is, wonder what the word GENESIS means on the trunk door. Then, is it good and how much does it cost?


No one scoffed when I explained what kind of brand it was; instead, people listen and mentally note Genesis ’approach to customer service. Many don’t seem to feel love for their Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volvo dealers, or their Tesla outlets. Although they really like their car. There seems to be a possibility. To have both premium brands re-engage with customers, and new ones to distract some of these people.

Enter the G70 Shooting Brake. During 2018 and 2019, there were rumors that there will be a universal version of the brand’s contender for the BMW 3 Series sedan. Such a car was announced online in May 2021, and then Hyundai’s luxury division said it would be available in the first three European target markets.

Going global?

The public premiere took place last July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Initially stating that the station wagon will not be available in the US, Canada and South Korea, earlier this month it was apparently canceled. And although the Genesis headquarters has yet to confirm this, it would make sense.

The current generation G70 has been in existence since the third quarter of 2017, and in October 2020 a dramatic overhaul will take place that brought it in line with the look of the new Genesis cars.

As the US was the largest market, the updated sedan debuted in the 2019 model year of this country. The car was quite successful both there and in Korea.


As for these three European countries, the lack of electrification has been one of the reasons that registrations in Switzerland, Germany and the UK are not something special.

However, the G70 in both four- and five-door forms is a worthy contender for the 3 Series, A4, C-Class (and Lexus ES in North America and China), as well as some other smaller alternatives, such like the S60, V60, XE and Giulia. In Europe, it is rather BMW, Audi and Benz, as well as Volvo’s headquarters in several markets.

Inspect luggage

The length of the SB is 4685 mm, and the wheelbase (2835 mm) is identical to the wheelbase of the sedan. You only need to look at the profile of the manor to understand that this is not a car designed to carry a lot of luggage, even if it handles an extra 40 percent. Comfortably, the backs of the rear seats are split 40:20:40.

Instead, the Shooting Brake is designed for those who need extra capacity but don’t want to ride in something that says “German brand default car”.

The rear door with extra lights is probably the most exciting part of the exterior. I say that even with the front, which includes a very distinctive radiator grille as well as the brand’s two-row headlights. Genesis cars have their own style, and Shooting Brake is particularly appealing. On each side.

A sense of luxury

Opening (and closing) the download is done using a conventional remote control or using a button on the dashboard. The seats are easy to turn over, and there are so many real luxuries, one of which is a thick rug. This may seem like a small detail, but station wagon owners will feel this chic when they open the cargo compartment more than sedan buyers.

Hands also can’t help but touch the particularly soft leather seat upholstery. This applies equally to the steering wheel cover, which, incidentally, comes with heating. In fact all versions of the G70 have the best level of standard equipment in their class. Another thing that makes an impression is the fantastic sound system.

Four driving modes

Its manufacturer has identified non-digital heating and ventilation controls, or at least these are real push-button switches, which adds to the feel of a car designed for real people as well. You also get a phone charging stand, a good-sized booth, switches with satisfactory action, as well as four modes for speaker settings: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport +.

The dashboard changes according to the mode chosen, and, as in almost every Genesis, there are two large round displays. Basically, one is a speedometer and the other is a tachometer, but this time digital is better: specify to change lanes, and whichever direction you’re going to move, this circle switches to show what’s in that lane.

A few nagging

The Lane Sentinel attracts attention and is a great security feature. If there were so many other things that attack and annoy drivers in many new cars, they would be just as helpful. SB also has all of these things, but at least you can disable many of them and they will stay that way. Who wants him, for example, to drive in and out of a car?

The terrible pull of the steering wheel is not so bad in the G70, but, unfortunately, it needs to be turned off every time, which should not be tolerated in the 3rd series Touring. The driver also gets good notice of what is happening on the front axle, even if there will end up being a lack of maneuverability.

Some of the proposed improvements for any possible successor would be a soft cover on the backs of the front seats, and those two or three people in the back need more leg and head space. At least the door trims are beautifully soft and nicely shaped. One more thing: please punch or spare.

Will German OEMs worry?

It’s a pretty relaxing but mostly hilarious car, the G70 Shooting Brake. Also, I can’t stress how really premium all Genesis models look. And that’s not to say about any other expensive alternative model. All it takes now is for Genesis to become better known in its new markets.

The all-wheel drive test car received a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with a capacity of 179 kW and 353 Nm. The transmission is HMG’s own eight-speed automatic torque converter. Acceleration from zero to 62 mph takes the stated 6.9 seconds, top speed is 146 mph, CO2 emissions are 212.4-217.4 g / km in combination, and combined consumption is 29.5-30.2 miles per gallon. Price – from 35,250 pounds.

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