Automakers face a double problem of microchip shortages and failures in Ukrainian cable harnesses. Russia’s invasion of the country.

Antlitz said that some plants of the VW Group are constantly forced to cancel changes because the automaker’s supplier in Ukraine works only in one shift.

“We have set up an anti-crisis group, and in some cases also moved volumes to other production facilities of the same suppliers. However, alternative sites are not intended to replace production sites in Ukraine in the long run. We support and support our existing suppliers’ sites in Ukraine. where we can, ”Antlitz said.

The energy crisis is approaching

Asked about rising energy prices and the possibility of banning the import of Russian natural gas to Germany, Anlitz said the automaker has not yet decided when to implement its plan to convert the Wolfsburg power plant from coal to natural gas.

“We have not switched yet. But the switching process is underway. At the moment, the coal-fired power plant is still operating and the gas-fired power plant is growing. We are watching very closely that this will happen in the next few days and weeks. coal-fired power plant “.

Antlitz also reiterated plans for a possible IPO of VW Group’s subsidiary Porsche.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about the timing lately, but we’re still aiming for an IPO in the last quarter,” he said.

Reuters contributed to this report

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