DETROIT – GMCCanyon’s next-generation will include high-quality features and off-road capabilities as the brand adds its new AT4X finish to the mid-size pickup.

GMC teased the renovated Canyon on Thursday, ahead of its full opening this summer.

Canyon will be the second GMC sign with AT4X trim was introduced on a full-size 2022 Sierra pickup this year. The AT4X and new Denali Ultimate trim are based on the success of the AT4 and Denali sub-brands, which already account for half of GMC sales, officials said during a media event last month.

The AT4X’s finish could give Canyon an edge over competitors in the mid-size pickup segment. According to the Automotive News Research & Data Center, Canyon was the lowest in the U.S. sales segment in the first quarter after Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Chevrolet Colorado and others. Canyon’s first-quarter shipments were down 14 percent from a year earlier.

The current generation canyon was introduced in 2014. Since then, GMC has added a standard AT4 finish and an off-road feature package. In 2016, sales in the US peaked at 37,449.

The photo shows a Canyon with the AT4X logo, stones and 17-inch wheels with support for biodlock, which is often used while driving off-road.

The AT4X’s finish provides both luxury and off-road “to the top,” said Tim Demetrio, General Motors ’performance engineering manager at an event in Sierra in October.

“It’s one thing to go off-road with a really capable vehicle. It is another matter to go off-road and have massage seats, ”he said then. “We really wanted to increase the level of off-road for customers to a place that is not on the market.”

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